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Service Guest User Registered Member
 Cost Free Free
 Unlimited Live Flight Status And Tracking Yes Yes
 Interactive Maps with Weather Yes Yes
 Airport Info, Airport Diagrams, Fuel Prices, IFR Procedures Yes Yes
 Historical Flight Data 14 days 4 months
 Auto-refresh and update on tracking pages - Yes
 Flights Per Page (On Multi-Flight Views) 20 40
 Time Zone and Locality Display Preferences - Yes
 My FlightAware: My Aircraft/My Airports - Yes: 5/3
 Flight Status Alerts (e-mail, text, mobile apps) - Yes
 Flight Crew Groups/Community - Yes
 Photo Uploads and Storage - Yes/Unlimited
 Aviation News & Photo email newsletter - Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
 Posting Access To Public Discussions - Yes
 Unpublished "Member Since Date" Benefits - Yes
 Kitchen Sink - -

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