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Arrivals: Halifax Int'l Airport (Halifax, Nova Scotia) [CYHZ]
C-FMEQGreater Moncton Int'l ()Wed 04:15 ASTWed 04:39 AST
C-GYSCGreater Moncton Int'l ()Sun 00:11 ASTSun 02:31 AST
C-GNZVHalifax Int'l ()Tue 14:38 ASTTue 14:38 AST
C-GNYZNear Halifax, Nova ScotiaMon 10:51 ASTMon 11:21 AST
C-GLTOHalifax Int'l ()Fri 11:55 ASTFri 14:00 AST
C-GAEWSaint John ()Fri 14:19 ASTFri 14:48 AST
C-GNYZHalifax Int'l ()Tue 15:52 ASTTue 15:53 AST
C-FKAJGreater Moncton Int'l ()Fri 04:45 ASTFri 05:06 AST
C-GKSXHalifax Int'l ()Mon 13:48 ASTMon 16:01 AST
NNear RiyadhSun 11:00 ASTSun 04:39 AST
C-GNZHHalifax Int'l ()Tue 08:02 ASTTue 11:02 AST
C-GKSXHalifax Int'l ()Mon 08:32 AST12:20 AST (?)
C-GAGJNear Moncton, New BrunswickMon 11:27 ASTMon 14:17 AST
C-GLTOHalifax Int'l ()Fri 08:12 ASTFri 10:08 AST
NNear Brasilia, Brazilian Federal DistrictSat 07:24 BRSTSat 12:53 AST
C-GDHSGreater Fredericton (Fredericton Int'l) ()Sun 13:30 ASTSun 14:25 AST
NGreater Moncton Int'l ()Mon 21:15 ASTMon 21:43 AST
C-FQTCSaint-Frédéric Aerodrome ()Sun 14:26 EST17:34 AST (?)
CJT550Hamilton/John C. Munro Int'l ()Sat 13:45 ESTSat 16:18 AST
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