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Arrivals: Halifax Int'l Airport (Halifax, Nova Scotia CA) [CYHZ]
CHI61Halifax Int'l ()Mon 13:14 ADTMon 13:46 ADT
WJA264Halifax Int'l ()Tue 20:12 ADTTue 22:55 ADT
EV7581Charlottetown ()Sun 09:17 ADTSun 09:42 ADT
C-GXPBDigby ()Fri 12:12 ADTFri 12:47 ADT
JZA8997St. John's Int'l ()Thu 02:21 NDTThu 03:21 ADT
SPR999XXXXHalifax Int'l ()Thu 20:36 ADTThu 21:10 ADT
SLQ100TXXXXHalifax Int'l ()Mon 14:46 ADTMon 15:20 ADT
EV7591XXXXGreater Moncton Int'l ()Sun 09:21 ADTSun 09:50 ADT
N850MMTBM8Groton-New London ()Wed 09:05 EDTWed 11:39 ADT
PVL1001SW4St. John's Int'l ()Thu 08:31 NDTThu 10:09 ADT
C-GBLCSR22Quebec/Jean Lesage Int'l ()Sat 11:11 EDTSat 14:13 ADT
CHI61S92Halifax Int'l ()Mon 13:14 ADTMon 13:14 ADT
CHI61S92Halifax Int'l ()Mon 13:14 ADTMon 13:47 ADT
C-GIMNS76Trenton (Nova Scotia) ()Wed 00:54 ADTWed 01:25 ADT
CNS603PC12Quebec/Jean Lesage Int'l ()Wed 10:55 EDTWed 13:20 ADT
CNS595PC12 ()Fri 16:54 VETFri 19:05 ADT
C-GMUSPA46Montreal/Saint-Hubert ()Mon 11:38 EDTMon 14:57 ADT
C-FPNSPA31Saint John ()Mon 09:46 ADTMon 10:31 ADT
C-FMGCPA31Saint John ()Tue 18:51 ADTTue 19:33 ADT
C-FPNSPA31 ()Tue 14:54 AFTTue 08:10 ADT
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