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Scheduled Departures: Sudbury (Greater Sudbury) Airport (Greater Sudbury, Ontario CA) [CYSB]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
JZA7802DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 06:00 EDTSun 07:09 EDT
JZA8602DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 06:00 EDTSun 07:00 EDT
POE534DH8DToronto City Centre ()Sun 09:25 EDTSun 10:15 EDT
JZA8604DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 09:45 EDTSun 10:44 EDT
JZA7804DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 09:45 EDTSun 10:54 EDT
JZA7808DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 11:45 EDTSun 12:54 EDT
JZA8608DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 11:45 EDTSun 12:44 EDT
JZA8606DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 13:55 EDTSun 14:54 EDT
JZA7806DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 13:55 EDTSun 15:04 EDT
POE538DH8DToronto City Centre ()Sun 15:35 EDTSun 16:30 EDT
JZA8610DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 15:45 EDTSun 16:47 EDT
JZA7810DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 15:45 EDTSun 16:54 EDT
JZA7812DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 18:05 EDTSun 19:14 EDT
JZA8612DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 18:05 EDTSun 19:07 EDT
BLS373SW4Sault Ste. Marie ()Sun 18:20 EDTSun 19:27 EDT
BLS384SW4Timmins ()Sun 18:35 EDTSun 19:34 EDT
POE540DH8DToronto City Centre ()Sun 20:10 EDTSun 21:05 EDT
JZA7816DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 20:25 EDTSun 21:34 EDT
JZA8614DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 20:25 EDTSun 21:27 EDT
JZA7802DH8AToronto Pearson Int'l ()Mon 06:00 EDTMon 07:09 EDT
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