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Cancelled Departures: Munich Int'l Airport (Munich DE) [EDDM]
DLH2068A321Hamburg ()Mon 11:00 CEST
BMR1761E145Southampton ()Mon 06:30 CEST
ADR7168E145Tallinn ()Sun 20:25 CEST
TVF3877B738Paris Orly ()Thu 20:45 CEST
CLH2148CRJ9Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Thu 15:30 CEST
BMR1761E145Southampton ()Thu 06:30 CEST
DLH730A346Hong Kong Int'l ()Wed 22:20 CEST
DLH726A346Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Wed 22:15 CEST
DLA1672E190Cluj-Napoca Int'l (Someşeni) ()Wed 22:10 CEST
CLH2346CRJ9Graz (Thalerhof) ()Wed 22:05 CEST
CLH2402E190Basle-Mulhouse ()Wed 21:55 CEST
CLH1634CRJ9Copernicus Wrocław ()Wed 21:55 CEST
DLA8246E190Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi) ()Wed 21:55 CEST
CLH1666CRJ9Sibiu Int'l ()Wed 21:55 CEST
DLA1946E190Genoa Cristoforo Colombo (Sestri) ()Wed 21:55 CEST
CLH1960CRJ9Ancona Falconara (Raffaello Sanzio) ()Wed 21:45 CEST
CLH1938CRJ9Friuli Venezia Giulia (Trieste Ronchi dei Legionari) ()Wed 21:45 CEST
DLA8212E190Verona (Villafranca Int'l, Valerio Catullo) ()Wed 21:45 CEST
DLA1902E190Turin Int'l (Torino Caselle) ()Wed 21:40 CEST
CLH2140E190Munster Osnabruck Int'l ()Wed 21:35 CEST
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