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Arrivals: Tegel Int'l Airport (Berlin DE) [EDDT]
BER2307A320Madeira Int'l (Funchal) ()Sat 18:13 WESTSat 22:52 CEST
BER7763B738Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Sat 20:38 CESTSat 22:47 CEST
BER2435A320Arrecife (Lanzarote) ()Sat 17:41 WESTSat 22:41 CEST
BER2213A320El Matorral ()Sat 17:36 WESTSat 22:37 CEST
IBS3674A320Barajas Int'l ()Sat 20:10 CESTSat 22:36 CEST
DLH2054A321Munich Int'l ()Sat 21:49 CESTSat 22:33 CEST
BER7733B738Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Sat 20:21 CESTSat 22:27 CEST
BER8901B738Palese Macchie ()Sat 20:33 CESTSat 22:19 CEST
DLH202A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Sat 21:30 CESTSat 22:17 CEST
AFR1134A321Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Sat 20:55 CESTSat 22:12 CEST
BER7723B738Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Sat 19:58 CESTSat 22:09 CEST
GWI8989A319Split ()Sat 20:48 CESTSat 22:07 CEST
GWI8991A319Vnukovo ()Sat 20:45 MSKSat 22:05 CEST
GWI8053A319Cologne Bonn ()Sat 21:18 CESTSat 22:02 CEST
BEL2591A319Brussels ()Sat 20:57 CESTSat 21:59 CEST
KLM1835B738Amsterdam Schiphol ()Sat 20:54 CESTSat 21:47 CEST
BER2543B738Antalya ()Sat 19:39 EESTSat 21:35 CEST
BER2595B737Alicante ()Sat 19:03 CESTSat 21:25 CEST
GWI5711A319Pristina Int'l ()Sat 19:18 CESTSat 21:04 CEST
DLH200A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Sat 20:02 CESTSat 20:46 CEST
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