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Cancelled Arrivals: London Gatwick Airport (London, England GB) [EGKK]
BAW2945A319Edinburgh ()Sat 19:25 BST
EZY8568A319Catania-Fontanarossa Airport ()Sat 19:45 CEST
EZY8452A320Verona (Villafranca Int'l, Valerio Catullo) ()Sat 18:50 CEST
EZY5268A319Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Sat 18:00 CEST
BAW2587A320Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Sat 17:25 CEST
EZY8990A319Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi) ()Sat 17:20 CEST
EZY5254A320Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Sat 16:00 CEST
EZY8366A319Palese Macchie ()Sat 15:50 CEST
EZY5296A319Malpensa Int'l ()Sat 15:40 CEST
EZY5294A320Malpensa Int'l ()Sat 14:15 CEST
EZY5226A320Valencia ()Fri 23:25 CEST
EZY8636A319Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Sat 02:15 CEST
EZY5386A319Munich Int'l ()Fri 23:55 CEST
EZY814A320Edinburgh ()Fri 22:20 BST
EZY888A319Glasgow Int'l ()Fri 22:20 BST
BAW2731A320Tenerife South (Reina Sofia) ()Fri 23:35 WEST
EZY5298A320Malpensa Int'l ()Fri 20:30 CEST
BAW2581A320Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Tue 17:30 CEST
EZY5416A319Berlin ()Sun 23:25 CEST
BAW2725A320Ibiza ()
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