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En Route/Scheduled to EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam NL) [EHAM]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
EZY1043A319Basle-Mulhouse ()Wed 14:45 CESTWed 16:03 CEST
IBE350B733Riga Int'l ()Wed 16:25 EESTWed 17:40 CEST
EZY8885A320London Gatwick ()Wed 15:50 BSTWed 17:59 CEST
BTI619B733Riga Int'l ()Wed 16:25 EESTWed 18:06 CEST
TRA5424B738Galileo Galilei (Pisa Int'l) ()Wed 15:00 CESTWed 18:06 CEST
TRA5750B738Mohammed V Int'l ()Wed 12:50 WETWed 18:38 CEST
TRA5360B738Faro ()Wed 16:50 WESTWed 20:40 CEST
TRA5356B738Faro ()Wed 19:00 WESTWed 22:49 CEST
TRA5466B737Verona (Villafranca Int'l, Valerio Catullo) ()Wed 21:10 CESTWed 22:52 CEST
TRA6002B738Porto / Oporto ()Wed 19:30 WESTWed 22:59 CEST
TRA6868B738Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Wed 20:35 EESTWed 23:05 CEST
TRA5760B738Menara Int'l ()Wed 18:05 WETWed 23:18 CEST
TRA6728B738San Pablo ()Wed 20:30 CESTWed 23:29 CEST
TRA5638B738Palermo Int'l (Punta Raisi Falcone-Borsellino) ()Wed 20:50 CESTWed 23:31 CEST
TRA6224B738Malaga ()Wed 20:45 CESTWed 23:37 CEST
TRA5134B737Barcelona Int'l ()Wed 21:45 CESTThu 00:01 CEST
TRA5586B737Nice Cote d'Azur ()Wed 22:05 CESTThu 00:02 CEST
TRA5630B738Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Wed 21:45 CESTThu 00:04 CEST
TRA6146B738Alicante ()Wed 21:35 CESTThu 00:12 CEST
TRA6674B738Tenerife South (Reina Sofia) ()Wed 18:50 WESTThu 00:40 CEST
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