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Cancelled Departures: Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Stockholm SE) [ESSA]
SAS1004B737Lulea (Kallax Air Base) ()Mon 08:15 CEST
SAS1527B737London Heathrow ()Sun 20:00 CEST
SWR1233A319Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Sat 10:15 CEST
BEE197AT72Kalmar ()Fri 17:50 CEST
JTG859AT72Aarhus ()Fri 15:30 CEST
JTG1744AT72Tallinn ()Fri 13:50 CEST
BEE1141AT72Ronneby (F 17) ()Fri 11:55 CEST
BEE85AT72Visby ()Thu 21:05 CEST
JTG1772AT72Tallinn ()Thu 21:00 CEST
BTI114DH8DVilnius Int'l ()Thu 20:20 CEST
JTG859AT72Aarhus ()Thu 16:30 CEST
JTG4246AT72Tampere-Pirkkala ()Thu 09:05 CEST
DLH807A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 16:35 CEST
DLH2415A320Munich Int'l ()Wed 11:40 CEST
DLH801A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 09:55 CEST
SAS635B738Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 09:00 CEST
DLH809A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 06:20 CEST
DLH2421A321Munich Int'l ()Wed 06:10 CEST
DTR4222AT72Vaasa ()Mon 22:30 CEST
SAS173B737Goteborg ()Mon 21:20 CEST
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