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Cancelled Departures: Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Stockholm SE) [ESSA]
SAS903A333Newark Liberty Intl ()Tue 10:25 CEST
SAS74B736Ostersund (Froson Air Base) ()Sat 18:30 CEST
SAS571B736Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Sun 15:35 CEST
SAS525B736London Heathrow ()Sat 07:55 CEST
SAS2111B736Malmo ()Wed 14:30 CEST
SAS2028B736Umea ()Wed 20:40 CEST
SAS1841B737Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Sun 06:10 CEST
SAS18B737Lulea (Kallax Air Base) ()Sun 20:10 CEST
SAS165B737Goteborg ()Tue 17:50 CEST
SAS165B736Goteborg ()Fri 17:50 CEST
SAS1623B736Dusseldorf Int'l ()Mon 08:20 CEST
SAS157B737Goteborg ()Mon 11:25 CEST
SAS1555B737Amsterdam Schiphol ()Sun 17:05 CEST
SAS1495B737Stavanger, Sola ()Mon 10:25 CEST
SAS103B737Malmo ()Mon 07:10 CEST
SAS1004B736Lulea (Kallax Air Base) ()Mon 08:15 CEST
SAS1004B737Lulea (Kallax Air Base) ()Tue 08:15 CEST
SAS1004B736Lulea (Kallax Air Base) ()Sun 08:25 CEST
NTJ499SF34Kronoby (Kokkola and Jakobstad) ()Tue 22:30 CEST
NTJ254SF34Karlstad ()Tue 13:30 CEST
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