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Scheduled Departures: Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Stockholm SE) [ESSA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
NTJ260SF34Karlstad ()Sun 19:10 CESTSun 20:16 CEST
NTJ497SF34Kronoby (Kokkola and Jakobstad) ()Sun 19:40 CESTSun 21:55 EEST
LGL5786E145Luxembourg Int'l ()Sun 20:10 CESTSun 22:20 CEST
GWI7219A319Hamburg ()Sun 20:20 CESTSun 21:45 CEST
ASL415A319Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Sun 20:25 CESTSun 22:50 CEST
SAS1048B738Umea ()Sun 20:40 CESTSun 21:30 CEST
NAX3215B738Copenhagen ()Sun 20:45 CESTSun 21:45 CEST
SAS2062B737Ostersund (Froson Air Base) ()Sun 20:55 CESTSun 21:50 CEST
BAW783A320London Heathrow ()Sun 21:05 CESTSun 22:52 BST
SAS20B737Lulea (Kallax Air Base) ()Sun 21:10 CESTSun 22:25 CEST
SAS125B736Malmo ()Sun 21:15 CESTSun 22:20 CEST
SAS183B737Angelholm-Helsingbor ()Sun 21:20 CESTSun 22:25 CEST
SAS1018B738Skelleftea ()Sun 21:20 CESTSun 22:30 CEST
SAS74B738Ostersund (Froson Air Base) ()Sun 21:30 CESTSun 22:25 CEST
SAS899B736Bergen, Flesland ()Sun 21:30 CESTSun 22:50 CEST
NAX4291B738Helsinki-Vantaa ()Sun 21:30 CESTSun 23:15 EEST
NAX827B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Sun 21:30 CESTSun 22:20 CEST
SAS722B736Helsinki-Vantaa ()Sun 21:35 CESTSun 23:30 EEST
SAS187B738Angelholm-Helsingbor ()Sun 21:45 CESTSun 22:50 CEST
SAS891B736Trondheim, Vaernes ()Sun 21:45 CESTSun 22:55 CEST
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