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Scheduled Departures: Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Stockholm SE) [ESSA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
THY6315A310Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Mon 01:30 CESTMon 05:30 EEST
BER8013A319Dusseldorf Int'l ()Mon 10:35 CESTMon 12:25 CEST
SWR1249A319Zurich (Kloten) ()Sun 09:50 CESTSun 12:05 CEST
GWI7219A319Hamburg ()Sun 20:05 CESTSun 21:30 CEST
CSA491A319Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Mon 14:25 CESTMon 16:15 CEST
SAS401A319Copenhagen ()Mon 08:10 CESTMon 09:10 CEST
FIN642A319Helsinki-Vantaa ()Sun 14:40 CESTSun 16:25 EEST
GWI219A319Cologne Bonn ()Sun 15:25 CESTSun 17:20 CEST
AFR1063A319Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Sun 19:25 CESTSun 21:55 CEST
CSA491A319Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Sun 19:35 CESTSun 21:25 CEST
FIN650A319Helsinki-Vantaa ()Sun 20:45 CESTSun 22:30 EEST
GWI219A319Cologne Bonn ()Mon 18:50 CESTMon 20:45 CEST
BER8011A319Dusseldorf Int'l ()Sun 06:30 CESTSun 08:20 CEST
ASL415A319Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Mon 20:25 CESTMon 22:50 CEST
BER8019A319Dusseldorf Int'l ()Sun 17:55 CESTSun 19:45 CEST
AFR1263A319Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Sun 13:10 CESTSun 15:40 CEST
ASL415A319Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Sun 20:25 CESTSun 22:50 CEST
NLY8021A319Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Sun 10:35 CESTSun 12:35 CEST
EZY1574A319Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Sun 15:25 CESTSun 18:00 CEST
BER8019A319Dusseldorf Int'l ()Mon 17:55 CESTMon 19:45 CEST
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