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En Route/Scheduled to KCMI Univ of IL - Willard Airport (Champaign/Urbana, IL) [KCMI]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
ENY3337E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Tue 12:05 CDTTue 12:56 CDT
ENY3718E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Tue 15:16 CDTTue 15:56 CDT
ENY3717E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Tue 18:25 CDTTue 19:06 CDT
ENY3689E145Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Tue 18:35 CDTTue 20:33 CDT
ENY3696E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Tue 20:10 CDTTue 20:54 CDT
ENY3394E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Wed 08:40 CDTWed 09:09 CDT
ENY3337E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Wed 12:05 CDTWed 12:45 CDT
ENY3718E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Wed 15:16 CDTWed 15:56 CDT
ENY3717E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Wed 18:25 CDTWed 19:06 CDT
ENY3689E145Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Wed 18:35 CDTWed 20:27 CDT
ENY3696E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Wed 20:10 CDTWed 20:50 CDT
ENY3394E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Thu 08:40 CDTThu 09:19 CDT
ENY3337E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Thu 12:05 CDTThu 12:45 CDT
ENY3718E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Thu 15:16 CDTThu 15:56 CDT
ENY3717E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Thu 18:25 CDTThu 19:06 CDT
ENY3689E145Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Thu 18:35 CDTThu 20:27 CDT
ENY3696E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Thu 20:10 CDTThu 20:50 CDT
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