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Cancelled Departures: Chicago O'Hare Intl Airport (Chicago, IL) [KORD]
TCF5144E170Port Columbus Intl ()Sun 18:20 CDT
TCF5147E170Port Columbus Intl ()Sun 16:32 CDT
TCF3580E170Toronto Pearson Int'l ()Mon 10:36 CDT
TCF3540E170Des Moines Intl ()Mon 09:48 CDT
TCF5938E170LaGuardia ()Tue 09:30 CDT
TCF3447E170Norfolk Intl ()Sun 18:55 CDT
SKV7414E170Montreal-Trudeau ()Fri 15:55 CDT
TCF5932E170LaGuardia ()Mon 06:25 CDT
TCF5958E170LaGuardia ()Tue 19:30 CDT
TCF5950E170LaGuardia ()Mon 15:30 CDT
TCF5948E170LaGuardia ()Sat 14:30 CDT
GJS3913E170Gerald R Ford Intl ()Tue 21:30 CDT
TCF5956E170LaGuardia ()Mon 18:30 CDT
TCF5948E170LaGuardia ()Mon 14:30 CDT
TCF5958E170LaGuardia ()Thu 19:30 CDT
TCF5944E170LaGuardia ()Thu 12:30 CDT
TCF5944E170LaGuardia ()Mon 12:30 CDT
TCF3913E170Gerald R Ford Intl ()Tue 21:30 CDT
TCF3448E170Indianapolis Intl ()Mon 22:31 CDT
TCF5940E170LaGuardia ()Mon 10:30 CDT
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