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En Route/Scheduled to KRDM Roberts Field Airport (Redmond, OR) [KRDM]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
QXE2085DH8DPortland Intl ()Fri 19:50 PDTFri 19:55 PDTFri 20:22 PDT
SKW6351CRJDenver Intl ()Fri 18:46 MDTFri 20:13 MDTFri 21:21 PDT
SKW6318CRJ2Denver Intl ()Fri 20:14 MDTFri 20:14 MDTFri 21:22 PDT
SKW4566CRJ2Salt Lake City Intl ()Fri 21:45 MDTFri 22:11 PDT
QXE2019DH8DPortland Intl ()Fri 21:45 PDTFri 22:12 PDT
QXE2297DH8DSeattle-Tacoma Intl ()Fri 22:55 PDTFri 23:42 PDT
SKW5414CRJSan Francisco Intl ()Fri 22:50 PDTSat 00:10 PDT
QXE2517DH8DSeattle-Tacoma Intl ()Sat 08:00 PDTSat 08:51 PDT
CFS692Portland Intl ()Sat 07:45 PDTSat 09:00 PDT
AMF4018Portland Intl ()Sat 09:00 PDTSat 09:54 PDT
QXE2273DH8DSeattle-Tacoma Intl ()Sat 10:15 PDTSat 11:07 PDT
SKW2906CRJLos Angeles Intl ()Sat 10:10 PDTSat 12:10 PDT
SKW5348San Francisco Intl ()Sat 12:18 PDTSat 13:35 PDT
QXE2083DH8DPortland Intl ()Sat 14:15 PDTSat 14:44 PDT
SKW4626CRJSalt Lake City Intl ()Sat 17:00 MDTSat 17:35 PDT
QXE2179DH8DSeattle-Tacoma Intl ()Sat 17:20 PDTSat 18:15 PDT
SKW6198San Francisco Intl ()Sat 17:50 PDTSat 19:06 PDT
SKW5400CRJSan Francisco Intl ()Sat 17:50 PDTSat 19:15 PDT
SKW6318CRJDenver Intl ()Sat 16:10 MDTSat 20:07 PDT
SKW6351CRJDenver Intl ()Sat 18:46 MDTSat 20:13 PDT
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