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Cancelled Departures: Paris Orly Airport (Orly (near Paris)) [LFPO]
HOP7388CRJ7Nantes Atlantique ()Fri 19:40 CET
HOP7394AT72Lorient South Brittany ()Fri 15:50 CET
AFR7374A319Brest Bretagne ()Mon 21:30 CET
AFR6272A320Bordeaux-Merignac ()Mon 20:50 CET
AFR6146A321Toulouse-Blagnac ()Mon 20:50 CET
AFR6026A321Marseille Provence ()Mon 20:45 CET
AFR7554A320Montpellier ()Mon 20:45 CET
AFR6270A321Bordeaux-Merignac ()Mon 20:00 CET
AFR6144A319Toulouse-Blagnac ()Mon 19:55 CET
AFR6226A321Nice Cote d'Azur ()Mon 19:25 CET
AFR6222A321Nice Cote d'Azur ()Mon 18:00 CET
EZY4293A319Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Mon 17:25 CET
AFR6264A321Bordeaux-Merignac ()Mon 16:40 CET
AFR7538A320Montpellier ()Mon 16:25 CET
AFR6014A319Marseille Provence ()Mon 15:40 CET
AFR6216A321Nice Cote d'Azur ()Mon 15:30 CET
AFR6126A319Toulouse-Blagnac ()Mon 15:30 CET
AFR6212A321Nice Cote d'Azur ()Mon 14:15 CET
AFR6122A321Toulouse-Blagnac ()Mon 14:10 CET
AFR6276A321Bordeaux-Merignac ()Mon 14:10 CET
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