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Arrivals: Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul TR) [LTBA]
THY1394B738Catania-Fontanarossa Airport ()Fri 09:40 CESTFri 12:37 EEST
THY2509B738Milas-Bodrum ()Fri 11:30 EESTFri 12:33 EEST
THY2411330Antalya ()Fri 11:28 EESTFri 12:30 EEST
THY1432B738Rotterdam ()Fri 08:19 CESTFri 12:25 EEST
THY1036B738Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Fri 09:33 CESTFri 12:24 EEST
DLH1770A320Munich Int'l ()Fri 08:56 CESTFri 12:22 EEST
THY2135B738Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Fri 10:41 EESTFri 12:17 EEST
THY785A321Ben Gurion Int'l ()Fri 10:20 IDTFri 12:16 EEST
QTR239A333Hamad Int'l ()Fri 08:03 ASTFri 12:13 EEST
THY2705B738Erzurum ()Fri 10:23 EESTFri 12:12 EEST
THY799A321Basrah Int'l ()Fri 08:53 ASTFri 12:10 EEST
THY2675A319Mardin ()Fri 10:10 EESTFri 12:09 EEST
THY2317A319İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Fri 11:08 EESTFri 12:07 EEST
THY2139B738Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Fri 11:21 EESTFri 12:06 EEST
THY1942A320Brussels ()Fri 08:00 CESTFri 12:05 EEST
THY713A332Zia Int'l ()Fri 06:47 BDTFri 12:01 EEST
THY1530A321Dusseldorf Int'l ()Fri 08:05 CESTFri 12:00 EEST
THY1074B738Rinas Mother Teresa ()Fri 09:36 CESTFri 11:57 EEST
THY1846A343Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Fri 10:45 EESTFri 11:54 EEST
THY2603B737Diyarbakir ()Fri 10:03 EESTFri 11:52 EEST
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