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Arrivals: Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul TR) [LTBA]
THY1004B737Skopje ()Thu 09:23 CESTThu 11:25 EEST
THY1598A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Thu 07:50 CESTThu 11:23 EEST
THY1018A319Pristina Int'l ()Thu 09:11 CESTThu 11:19 EEST
THY1912A320Zurich (Kloten) ()Thu 08:02 CESTThu 11:17 EEST
THY797B738Al Najaf Int'l ()Thu 08:31 ASTThu 11:16 EEST
THY2B77WJohn F Kennedy Intl ()Wed 19:46 EDTThu 11:14 EEST
AFL2130A320Near MoscowThu 08:19 MSKThu 11:12 EEST
THY145A321King Khalid Int'l ()Thu 06:49 ASTThu 11:05 EEST
THY2247B738Sanliurfa ()Thu 09:17 EESTThu 11:03 EEST
THY1028B738Sofia Int'l (Vrazhdebna) ()Thu 09:59 EESTThu 11:01 EEST
THY961B738Ercan Int'l ()Thu 09:47 EESTThu 10:59 EEST
THY771B739Kuwait Int'l ()Thu 07:13 ASTThu 10:57 EEST
THY763A332Dubai Int'l ()Thu 07:12 GSTThu 10:50 EEST
THY97A333King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Thu 07:22 ASTThu 10:48 EEST
THY1638A320Munich Int'l ()Thu 07:37 CESTThu 10:46 EEST
THY1882B738Near KavalaThu 10:06 EESTThu 10:44 EEST
THY1710A320Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Thu 07:21 CESTThu 10:42 EEST
THY1922A320Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Thu 07:08 CESTThu 10:39 EEST
THY2683B738Batman ()Thu 08:38 EESTThu 10:35 EEST
THY2827B739Trabzon ()Thu 08:49 EESTThu 10:30 EEST
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