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Arrivals: Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul) [LTBA]
THY1860B739Barajas Int'l ()Mon 18:14 CETMon 22:48 EET
THY1006A320Skopje "Alexander the Great" Airport ()Mon 20:34 CETMon 22:44 EET
THY1940B738Brussels ()Mon 18:42 CETMon 22:38 EET
THY1920A321Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Mon 18:54 CETMon 22:36 EET
PGT2818B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Mon 21:47 EETMon 22:34 EET
THY1876A321Malpensa Int'l ()Mon 19:11 CETMon 22:34 EET
THY1706A321Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Mon 19:03 CETMon 22:33 EET
THY1954A321Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 18:29 CETMon 22:28 EET
THY1864B738Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Mon 19:16 CETMon 22:27 EET
THY1888A321Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Mon 19:31 CETMon 22:25 EET
THY1998B738London Gatwick ()Mon 16:43 GMTMon 22:23 EET
THY2833B738Trabzon ()Mon 20:51 EETMon 22:22 EET
THY1754A321Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 17:51 CETMon 22:21 EET
THY1636A320Munich Int'l ()Mon 19:07 CETMon 22:17 EET
THY1594A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 18:46 CETMon 22:16 EET
THY1506A321Nuremberg ()Mon 18:54 CETMon 22:14 EET
THY1986A333London Heathrow ()Mon 16:51 GMTMon 22:14 EET
THY1910A321Zurich (Kloten) ()Mon 18:48 CETMon 22:13 EET
THY1870A321Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Mon 19:12 CETMon 22:11 EET
THY1996A321Manchester ()Mon 16:48 GMTMon 22:10 EET
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