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Scheduled Departures: Jose Marti Int'l Airport (Havana) [MUHA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
ISS3502B763Verona (Villafranca Int'l, Valerio Catullo) ()Tue 00:30 CSTTue 16:28 CET
BPA1132767Cancun Int'l ()Tue 01:05 CSTTue 02:15 EST
CUB826AT72Gustavo Rizo ()Tue 05:30 CSTTue 07:35 CST
CMP295B738Tocumen Int'l ()Tue 05:30 CSTTue 08:06 EST
CUB130A320Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Tue 05:50 CSTTue 07:33 CST
CUB984A58Antonio Maceo Int'l ()Tue 06:00 CSTTue 07:15 CST
CUB384A58Antonio Maceo Int'l ()Tue 06:10 CSTTue 07:25 CST
AMX454B732Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Tue 06:10 CSTTue 07:56 CST
CUB920A58Mariana Grajales ()Tue 06:30 CSTTue 07:50 CST
CUB964737Frank Pais ()Tue 06:50 CSTTue 08:00 CST
EKY8037Juan Manuel Galvez Int'l (Roatan Int'l) ()Tue 06:59 CSTTue 07:09 CST
CUB800AT43Rafael Cabrera ()Tue 07:00 CSTTue 07:29 CST
ROU1753A319Toronto Pearson Int'l ()Tue 07:00 CSTTue 10:20 EST
CMP231E190Tocumen Int'l ()Tue 07:15 CSTTue 09:48 EST
CUB204A320Antonio Maceo Int'l ()Tue 07:40 CSTTue 09:00 CST
CMP321B738Tocumen Int'l ()Tue 07:50 CSTTue 10:23 EST
CUB814AT72Carlos Manuel de Cespedes ()Tue 08:25 CSTTue 10:05 CST
SWA3921B737Fort Lauderdale Intl ()Tue 08:30 CSTTue 09:30 EST
CSQ802SF34Miami Intl ()Tue 08:30 CSTTue 09:41 EST
AAL2678B738Miami Intl ()Tue 09:30 CSTTue 10:31 EST
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