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Cancelled Departures: Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l Airport (Taipei TW) [RCTP]
CAL158A333Kansai Int'l ()Thu 17:10 CST
CAL150A333Chubu Centrair Int'l (Centrair) ()Thu 17:05 CST
CAL753A333Singapore Changi ()Thu 07:50 CST
CPA465B773Hong Kong Int'l ()Thu 07:05 CST
HDA483A321Hong Kong Int'l ()Wed 21:10 CST
EVA381B77WTan Son Nhat Int'l ()Wed 19:20 CST
CAL106A333Narita Int'l ()Wed 16:10 CST
EVA277A321Manila Int'l ()Wed 15:05 CST
EVA130A321Kansai Int'l ()Wed 13:35 CST
CPA421B773Hong Kong Int'l ()Wed 11:55 CST
EVA867A321Hong Kong Int'l ()Wed 10:20 CST
EVA215A332Singapore Changi ()Wed 09:25 CST
EVA397A321Noi Bai Int'l ()Wed 09:05 CST
TNA602A320Kansai Int'l ()Wed 08:30 CST
MDA230E190Incheon Int'l ()Wed 07:25 CST
EVA112A321Naha ()Wed 06:45 CST
CEB301A320Mactan-Cebu Int'l ()Wed 01:55 CST
CEB311A320Manila Int'l ()Wed 00:55 CST
KLM808B77WAmsterdam Schiphol ()Tue 23:40 CST
HDA483A333Hong Kong Int'l ()Tue 21:10 CST
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