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Scheduled Departures: Manila Int'l Airport (Metro Manila PH) [RPLL]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
CEB997A320General Santos Int'l ()Sun 16:05 PHTSun 17:55 PHT
CEB341A320Kalibo ()Sun 16:10 PHTSun 17:00 PHT
CEB575A320Mactan-Cebu Int'l ()Sun 16:35 PHTSun 17:50 PHT
Z2940A320Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Sun 17:00 PHTSun 20:40 MYT
PAL1819A321Francisco Bangoy Int'l ()Sun 17:10 PHTSun 19:40 PHT
SRQ6004AT43Laoag Int'l ()Sun 17:20 PHTSun 18:45 PHT
CEB740330King Khalid Int'l ()Sun 17:20 PHTSun 22:25 AST
CEB479A320New Bacolod-Silay ()Sun 17:30 PHTSun 18:40 PHT
PAL100A343Honolulu Intl ()Sun 17:30 PHTSun 10:12 HST
Z2715A320Kalibo ()Sun 17:35 PHTSun 18:30 PHT
SRQ6397AT43Iloilo Int'l ()Sun 17:35 PHTSun 19:00 PHT
CEB571A320Mactan-Cebu Int'l ()Sun 17:40 PHTSun 19:00 PHT
Z2420A320Puerto Princesa ()Sun 17:45 PHTSun 18:55 PHT
CEB789A320Bancasi (Butuan) ()Sun 18:00 PHTSun 19:25 PHT
CEB855A319Zamboanga Int'l ()Sun 18:00 PHTSun 19:30 PHT
UAE333B77WDubai Int'l ()Sun 18:00 PHTSun 22:58 GST
CEB114A320Hong Kong Int'l ()Sun 18:10 PHTSun 20:00 HKT
SVA871B773King Khalid Int'l ()Sun 18:10 PHTMon 00:00 AST
CEB973A320Francisco Bangoy Int'l ()Sun 18:15 PHTSun 20:00 PHT
Z2767A320Mactan-Cebu Int'l ()Sun 18:15 PHTSun 19:30 PHT
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