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Arrivals: Tancredo Neves Int'l Airport (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais BR) [SBCF]
GLO1810B738São Paulo-Guarulhos Int'l ()Wed 17:30 BRSTWed 18:25 BRST
GLO1312B738Congonhas ()Wed 17:29 BRSTWed 18:21 BRST
AZU9175E190Prefeito Renato Moreira ()Wed 16:37 BRTWed 18:15 BRST
TAM3367A320Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhaes Int'l (Dois de Julho) ()Wed 15:54 BRTWed 18:13 BRST
GLO1097B738Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhaes Int'l (Dois de Julho) ()Wed 15:48 BRTWed 18:08 BRST
AZU9116AT72Chapada Daimantina ()Wed 15:40 BRTWed 18:01 BRST
GLO1725B738Guararapes Int'l (Gilberto Freyre Int'l) ()Wed 14:39 BRTWed 17:48 BRST
GLO1666B738Santos Dumont Regional ()Wed 16:58 BRSTWed 17:46 BRST
AZU4951E190Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Int'l ()Wed 16:40 BRSTWed 17:44 BRST
AZU9039AT72Cabo Frio Int'l ()Wed 16:23 BRSTWed 17:35 BRST
GLO2017B737Ilheus Jorge Amado ()Wed 15:18 BRTWed 17:20 BRST
GLO1310B738Congonhas ()Wed 16:15 BRSTWed 17:06 BRST
AZU9109AT72Tancredo Neves Int'l ()Wed 16:49 BRST18:05 BRST (?)
AZU2465AT72Barreiras ()Wed 14:49 BRTWed 16:45 BRST
AZU5079E190Goiabeiras ()Wed 15:35 BRSTWed 16:19 BRST
AZU2563AT72Vitoria da Conquista ()Wed 13:35 BRTWed 16:02 BRST
GLO1247B738São Paulo-Guarulhos Int'l ()Wed 15:04 BRSTWed 15:56 BRST
GLO1308B738Congonhas ()Wed 15:01 BRSTWed 15:50 BRST
GLO1306B738Congonhas ()Wed 14:10 BRSTWed 15:07 BRST
GLO1667B738Ten. Cel. Av. Cesar Bombonato ()Wed 14:15 BRSTWed 14:58 BRST
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