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En Route/Scheduled to SBSV Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhaes Int'l (Dois de Julho) Airport (Salvador, Bahia BR) [SBSV]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
ONE6141A320Zumbi dos Palmares (Campo dos Palmares) ()Fri 12:40 BRTFri 13:36 BRT
ONE6315A320Petrolina ()Fri 12:40 BRTFri 13:47 BRT
AZU9033AT72Porto Seguro ()Fri 12:40 BRTFri 13:56 BRT
TAM3560A320Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Int'l ()Fri 12:41 BRTFri 14:15 BRT
AZU4116E190Tancredo Neves Int'l ()Fri 12:42 BRTFri 14:16 BRT
GLO1885B738Santa Maria ()Fri 13:45 BRTFri 14:16 BRT
TAM3154A321São Paulo-Guarulhos Int'l ()Fri 12:25 BRTFri 12:36 BRTFri 14:20 BRT
ONE6326A318Ilheus Jorge Amado ()Fri 14:05 BRTFri 14:41 BRT
GLO1097B738Pinto Martins Int'l ()Fri 13:32 BRTFri 14:53 BRT
AZU2715AT72Barreiras ()Fri 13:30 BRTFri 15:18 BRT
AZU4462E190Ilheus Jorge Amado ()Fri 14:45 BRTFri 15:23 BRT
GLO1620B738Congonhas ()Fri 13:25 BRTFri 13:43 BRTFri 15:32 BRT
ONE6314A320São Paulo-Guarulhos Int'l ()Fri 13:15 BRTFri 14:05 BRTFri 15:41 BRT
TAM3367A320Pinto Martins Int'l ()Fri 14:10 BRTFri 15:42 BRT
AZU2711AT72Santa Maria ()Fri 14:55 BRTFri 15:45 BRT
TAM3192A320Rio de Janeiro/Galeao Intl ()Fri 13:44 BRTFri 13:58 BRTFri 16:01 BRT
AZU6918E190Viracopos Int'l ()Fri 14:09 BRTFri 16:21 BRT
AZU2789AT72Paulo Afonso ()Fri 15:10 BRTFri 16:25 BRT
ONE6210A320Rio de Janeiro/Galeao Intl ()Fri 15:05 BRTFri 16:52 BRT
TAM3190A321Rio de Janeiro/Galeao Intl ()Fri 15:14 BRTFri 17:06 BRT
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