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Arrivals: Luis Munoz Marin Intl Airport (San Juan, PR PR) [TJSJ]
KAP8301CNACyril E. King ()Mon 18:54 ASTMon 19:20 AST
UPS328A306Louisville Intl ()Mon 15:34 EDTMon 19:15 AST
SBS3592SF34Cyril E. King ()Mon 18:51 ASTMon 19:10 AST
MTN7102C208Henry E Rohlsen ()Mon 18:34 ASTMon 19:06 AST
JBU703A320John F Kennedy Intl ()Mon 15:39 EDTMon 19:05 AST
AMF6904BE99Cyril E. King ()Mon 18:42 ASTMon 19:00 AST
SBS3593SF34Henry E Rohlsen ()Mon 18:32 ASTMon 18:59 AST
MTN7112C208Pointe ()Mon 17:26 ASTMon 18:57 AST
AMF6902B190Queen Beatrix Int'l ()Mon 17:13 ASTMon 18:49 AST
DAL409B738John F Kennedy Intl ()Mon 15:22 EDTMon 18:47 AST
IWY710E120Punta Cana Int'l ()Mon 17:52 ASTMon 18:32 AST
KAP42CNAEugenio Maria De Hostos ()Mon 18:00 ASTMon 18:30 AST
KAP4701CNATerrance B. Lettsome Int'l ()Mon 17:50 ASTMon 18:23 AST
MTN7105C208VC Bird Int'l ()Mon 16:42 ASTMon 18:14 AST
AMF6906SW4Robert L. Bradshaw Int'l ()Mon 17:31 ASTMon 18:11 AST
JBU1553E190Hollywood Int'l ()Mon 15:57 EDTMon 18:03 AST
KAP2941CNAVieques (Antonio Rivera Rodriguez) ()Mon 18:00 AST18:14 AST (?)
SBS4576SF34La Romana Int'l ()Mon 16:41 ASTMon 17:55 AST
SWA2258B738Orlando Intl ()Mon 15:25 EDTMon 17:48 AST
AMF6910B190Terrance B. Lettsome Int'l ()Mon 17:40 ASTMon 17:45 AST
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