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Arrivals: Luis Munoz Marin Intl Airport (San Juan, PR PR) [TJSJ]
AAL2481B738Dallas/Fort Worth Intl ()Sat 17:22 CSTSat 23:44 AST
JBU1433E190Orlando Intl ()Sat 20:06 ESTSat 23:36 AST
JBU803A320John F Kennedy Intl ()Sat 19:12 ESTSat 23:31 AST
AAL741A321Philadelphia Intl ()Sat 18:36 ESTSat 23:24 AST
FDX251MD11Memphis Intl ()Sat 17:22 CSTSat 23:09 AST
AAL757A320Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Sat 18:41 ESTSat 22:56 AST
FDX43MD11Viracopos Int'l ()Sat 19:09 BRSTSat 22:53 AST
SWA1813B737Hollywood Int'l ()Sat 19:30 ESTSat 22:48 AST
CMP450B737Tocumen Int'l ()Sat 19:30 ESTSat 22:44 AST
DAL549B739Hartsfield-Jackson Intl ()Sat 18:18 ESTSat 22:39 AST
SBS4546SF34Las Americas ()Sat 21:51 ASTSat 22:38 AST
LIA526AT72Terrance B. Lettsome Int'l ()Sat 21:54 ASTSat 22:33 AST
AAL1311B738Miami Intl ()Sat 19:15 ESTSat 22:33 AST
JBU1333E190Orlando Intl ()Sat 18:18 ESTSat 21:49 AST
SWA3255B737Orlando Intl ()Sat 17:57 ESTSat 21:25 AST
JBU2038E190Las Americas ()Sat 20:36 ASTSat 21:17 AST
LIA562AT43VC Bird Int'l ()Sat 19:53 ASTSat 21:05 AST
JBU1233A320Orlando Intl ()Sat 17:26 ESTSat 21:00 AST
AAL1570B738Miami Intl ()Sat 17:21 ESTSat 20:37 AST
JBU1253A320Hollywood Int'l ()Sat 17:21 ESTSat 20:35 AST
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