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Cancelled Arrivals: Hong Kong Int'l Airport (Hong Kong HK) [VHHH]
HDA831A333Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Thu 14:50 CST
HDA875A333Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Wed 19:15 CST
HDA805A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Wed 17:15 CST
CES701A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Wed 12:45 CST
HDA857A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Wed 10:00 CST
HDA997A333Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 06:30 CST
HDA809A333Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Wed 01:10 CST
HDA975A320Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 00:10 CST
CES725A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Tue 23:35 CST
AHK25A306Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Tue 22:55 CST
HDA891A333Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Tue 21:15 CST
HDA893A321Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Tue 18:25 CST
HDA997A333Beijing Capital Int'l ()Tue 06:30 CST
HDA975A320Beijing Capital Int'l ()Tue 00:10 CST
HDA897A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Mon 22:20 CST
HDA805A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Mon 17:15 CST
HDA975A321Beijing Capital Int'l ()Mon 00:10 CST
CAL680A333Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta Int'l ()Sun 11:25 WIB
HDA809A333Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Sat 23:05 CST
CES725A319Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Sat 23:35 CST
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