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Scheduled Departures: Kuala Lumpur Int'l Airport (Sepang, Selangor) [WMKK]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
MXD1650B738Miri ()Sat 14:15 MYTSat 17:03 MYT
FLE4292B738Sultan Mahmud Int'l ()Sat 14:20 MYTSat 15:05 MYT
MXD561B738Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Sat 14:25 MYTSat 15:50 ICT
FLE4354B738Sultan Ismail Petra ()Sat 14:25 MYTSat 15:10 MYT
AXM5112A320Kota Kinabalu Int'l ()Sat 14:30 MYTSat 17:39 MYT
AXM522A320Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Sat 14:35 MYTSat 15:27 ICT
FLE7692B738Tawau ()Sat 14:40 MYTSat 17:20 MYT
MXD540B738Phuket Int'l ()Sat 14:45 MYTSat 15:00 ICT
FLE7732B738RMAF Labuan ()Sat 14:45 MYTSat 17:00 MYT
MXD1014B738Kota Kinabalu Int'l ()Sat 14:45 MYTSat 17:05 MYT
FLE7452B738Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Sat 14:45 MYTSat 15:30 ICT
LNI171B738Adisumarmo Int'l (Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo) ()Sat 14:50 MYTSat 16:30 WIB
FLE4408B738Langkawi Int'l ()Sat 14:55 MYTSat 15:45 MYT
MXD807B738Singapore Changi ()Sat 15:10 MYTSat 15:48 SGT
MAS782B738Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sat 15:15 MYTSat 16:01 ICT
FLE7486B738Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sat 15:15 MYTSat 16:10 ICT
FLE7399B738Ngurah Rai/Bali Intl ()Sat 15:20 MYTSat 18:15 WITA
AXM6116A320Penang Int'l ()Sat 15:20 MYTSat 16:18 MYT
FLE7498B738Phuket Int'l ()Sat 15:20 MYTSat 15:35 ICT
AXM5212A320Kuching Int'l ()Sat 15:30 MYTSat 17:35 MYT
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