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En Route/Scheduled to ZBHH Hohhot Baita Int'l Airport (Hohhot, Inner Mongolia CN) [ZBHH]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
CCA1101Beijing Capital Int'l ()Sun 20:05 CSTSun 20:41 CST
JD5561Beijing Capital Int'l ()Sun 22:05 CSTSun 22:41 CST
CCA1103Beijing Capital Int'l ()Sun 06:25 CSTSun 20:22 CST
CCA1117Beijing Capital Int'l ()Sun 09:15 CSTSun 09:51 CST
GCR6686E190Chifeng ()Sun 13:35 CSTSun 14:45 CST
HBH3261E190Shijiazhuang Daguocun Int'l ()Sun 14:00 CSTSun 15:53 CST
GCR6467E190Taiyuan Wusu ()Sun 17:40 CSTSun 18:30 CST
GCR6614E190Xilinhot ()Sun 13:55 CSTSun 14:50 CST
GCR6692E190Chifeng ()Sun 21:05 CSTSun 22:15 CST
GCR6610E190Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Sun 23:20 CSTMon 00:40 CST
GCR6606E190Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Sun 15:10 CSTSun 16:30 CST
GCR6646E190Xi'an Xianyang Int'l ()Sun 10:50 CSTSun 09:50 CST
GCR6658E190Tianjin Binhai Int'l ()Sun 20:35 CSTSun 21:45 CST
GCR6690E190Chifeng ()Sun 17:40 CSTSun 18:50 CST
GCR6674E190Tongliao ()Sun 20:10 CSTSun 21:50 CST
GCR6616E190Xilinhot ()Sun 17:20 CSTSun 18:15 CST
GCR6608E190Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Sun 19:30 CSTSun 20:55 CST
GCR6602E190Hailar Dongshan ()Sun 14:30 CSTSun 18:05 CST
GCR6672E190Tongliao ()Sun 12:20 CSTSun 14:00 CST
GCR6692E190Chifeng ()Mon 21:05 CSTMon 22:15 CST
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