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En Route/Scheduled to ZPPP Kunming Changshui Int'l Airport (Kunming, Yunnan CN) [ZPPP]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
CES5078A320Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Mon 02:35 ICTMon 02:41 ICTMon 05:19 CST
CES556737Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Int'l ()Mon 00:30 ISTMon 01:12 ISTMon 05:22 CST
CES5094A320Singapore Changi ()Mon 03:00 SGTMon 03:31 SGTMon 06:49 CST
KYV8218Chengdu Shuangliu Int'l ()Mon 06:45 CSTMon 07:41 CST
CES2592B735Phuket Int'l ()Mon 04:30 ICTMon 07:45 CST
EEA2223Chengdu Shuangliu Int'l ()Mon 06:50 CSTMon 07:50 CST
CES2730A319Xishuangbanna Gasa ()Mon 07:55 CSTMon 08:40 CST
CES5845737Xishuangbanna Gasa ()Mon 08:01 CSTMon 08:50 CST
CES5747737Xishuangbanna Gasa ()Mon 08:01 CSTMon 08:50 CST
CES5754737Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Mon 06:30 CSTMon 09:00 CST
CES2359A320Xining Caojiabu ()Mon 07:10 CSTMon 09:15 CST
CES5764B735Shenzhen Bao'an Int'l ()Mon 06:55 CSTMon 09:20 CST
CES2249A320Lanzhou ()Mon 07:30 CSTMon 09:30 CST
CHH7087B738Haikou Meilan Int'l ()Mon 07:45 CSTMon 09:35 CST
CES5469A320Nanchang Changbei Int'l ()Mon 07:35 CSTMon 09:35 CST
CSZ9985B738Shenzhen Bao'an Int'l ()Mon 07:35 CSTMon 09:40 CST
CES5716737Beijing Capital Int'l ()Mon 06:25 CSTMon 09:40 CST
CSC8661Chengdu Shuangliu Int'l ()Mon 08:20 CSTMon 09:45 CST
CES5740737Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Mon 07:20 CSTMon 09:50 CST
CES5759737Lijiang ()Mon 09:05 CSTMon 09:50 CST
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