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Arrivals: Shanghai Pudong Int'l Airport (Shanghai CN) [ZSPD]
CSN6251A319Harbin Taiping Int'l ()Sat 15:13 CSTSat 18:28 CST
CES5668A320Dalian Zhoushuizi Int'l ()Sat 17:04 CSTSat 18:23 CST
CSN3251B738Guilin Liangjiang Int'l ()Sat 16:21 CSTSat 18:20 CST
CES2008A320Macau Int'l ()Sat 16:10 CSTSat 18:19 CST
CES5652A320Yanji Chaoyangchuan ()Sat 16:18 CSTSat 18:17 CST
CES748B735Kansai Int'l ()Sat 17:10 JSTSat 18:14 CST
CCA196A333Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Sat 16:51 CSTSat 18:12 CST
DJA1010A320Xi'an Xianyang Int'l ()Sat 16:20 CSTSat 18:08 CST
SIA832A333Singapore Changi ()Sat 13:14 SGTSat 18:04 CST
DJA1284A320Changchun Longjia Int'l ()Sat 15:40 CSTSat 17:59 CST
CSN6975B738Urumqi Diwopu Int'l ()Sat 13:39 CSTSat 17:55 CST
CSN6501A320Shenyang Taoxian Int'l ()Sat 15:40 CSTSat 17:54 CST
CES5034A321Incheon Int'l ()Sat 17:12 KSTSat 17:52 CST
CQH8978A320Dalian Zhoushuizi Int'l ()Sat 16:41 CSTSat 17:52 CST
DAL589A332Seattle-Tacoma Intl ()Fri 14:55 PDTSat 17:48 CST
CES720A321Chubu Centrair Int'l (Centrair) ()Sat 16:29 JSTSat 17:46 CST
CSN6541A321Changchun Longjia Int'l ()Sat 15:24 CSTSat 17:41 CST
ANA975B763Kansai Int'l ()Sat 16:37 JSTSat 17:40 CST
CCA930B772Narita Int'l ()Sat 15:58 JSTSat 17:39 CST
CSN6535A320Dalian Zhoushuizi Int'l ()Sat 16:14 CSTSat 17:35 CST
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