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Cancelled Arrivals: Chongqing Jiangbei Int'l Airport (Chongqing CN) [ZUCK]
HXA2660CRJ9Yiwu ()Thu 00:40 CST
CSC8120A319Hongyuan ()Tue 09:10 CST
CHB6606A320Wanxian ()Tue 00:05 CST
CSC8850A321Taiyuan Wusu ()Mon 23:40 CST
CHB6204A320Sanya Phoenix Int'l ()Mon 19:15 CST
CES5989737Zhaotong ()Mon 13:10 CST
CSC8834A320Beijing Capital Int'l ()Mon 01:55 CST
CHB6606A320Wanxian ()Mon 00:05 CST
CDG4950B738Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l ()Sun 13:20 CST
CDG4768B738Jinan Yaoqiang ()Sun 00:55 CST
CHB6606A320Wanxian ()Sun 00:05 CST
GCR6521A321Haikou Meilan Int'l ()Fri 16:20 CST
CHB6606A320Wanxian ()Fri 00:05 CST
CSH9423B763Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l ()Thu 19:00 CST
CQH8993A320Shijiazhuang Daguocun Int'l ()Wed 22:00 CST
CHH7161B738Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 19:00 CST
CDG4768B738Jinan Yaoqiang ()Wed 00:55 CST
CSC8834A320Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 01:55 CST
CSC8832A320Beijing Capital Int'l ()Tue 21:40 CST
CSC8850A321Taiyuan Wusu ()Tue 23:40 CST
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