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En Route/Scheduled to ZUUU Chengdu Shuangliu Int'l Airport (Chengdu, Sichuan CN) [ZUUU]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
CZ611QXi'an Xianyang Int'l ()Fri 12:30 CSTFri 13:30 CST
TV9881Lhasa Gonggar ()Fri 11:40 CSTFri 13:35 CST
MF8441Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Fri 11:10 CSTFri 13:35 CST
CCA4306A320Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Fri 11:30 CSTFri 13:50 CST
LKE9646737Zhaotong ()Fri 13:35 CSTFri 14:30 CST
TV9804Lhasa Gonggar ()Fri 14:00 CSTFri 15:30 CST
JD5177Sanya Phoenix Int'l ()Fri 12:40 CSTFri 15:35 CST
LKE9628737Kangding ()Fri 16:40 CSTFri 17:30 CST
TV9832Shenzhen Bao'an Int'l ()Fri 15:50 CSTFri 17:35 CST
MF8453Changsha Huanghua Int'l ()Fri 16:35 CSTFri 18:00 CST
TV9882Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l ()Fri 14:45 CSTFri 18:00 CST
JD5136Lijiang ()Fri 17:50 CSTFri 18:45 CST
MF8447Quanzhou Jinjiang ()Fri 16:35 CSTFri 18:50 CST
TV9866Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l ()Fri 16:35 CSTFri 18:50 CST
MF8451Fuzhou Changle Int'l ()Fri 17:25 CSTFri 20:15 CST
KA824Hong Kong Int'l ()Fri 19:20 HKTFri 21:15 CST
GS7887Tianjin Binhai Int'l ()Fri 19:10 CSTFri 21:20 CST
CES5986737Kunming Changshui Int'l ()Fri 20:00 CSTFri 21:25 CST
TV9840Nanjing Lukou Int'l ()Fri 20:00 CSTFri 21:50 CST
TV9882Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l ()Fri 18:50 CSTFri 22:05 CST
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