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Arrivals: Dalian Zhoushuizi Int'l Airport (Dalian, Liaoning) [ZYTL]
CSN6128A321Beijing Capital Int'l ()Thu 01:01 CSTThu 01:58 CST
CSN3014A321Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Wed 22:48 CSTThu 01:03 CST
CES5765B738Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Wed 23:25 CSTThu 00:59 CST
CXA854B738Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Wed 22:22 CSTThu 00:48 CST
CES5661A321Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Wed 23:23 CSTThu 00:43 CST
CSN6468A319Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Wed 21:33 CSTThu 00:23 CST
CHH7183B738Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 23:05 CSTThu 00:10 CST
CSN6230A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Wed 22:29 CSTThu 00:04 CST
CSN6140A321Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 22:48 CSTThu 00:02 CST
CCA8902B738Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 23:08 CSTWed 23:57 CST
CSN6138A321Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 22:18 CSTWed 23:34 CST
CHH7172B738Changsha Huanghua Int'l ()Wed 21:20 CSTWed 23:31 CST
CHH7811B738Wuhan Tianhe ()Wed 21:28 CSTWed 23:27 CST
CES2312A320Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 22:28 CSTWed 23:25 CST
CSN6494A320Xi'an Xianyang Int'l ()Wed 21:39 CSTWed 23:19 CST
HXA2648CRJ9Hohhot Baita Int'l ()Wed 21:51 CSTWed 23:17 CST
CCA8908B738Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 22:25 CSTWed 23:13 CST
CSN3608A319Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Wed 20:07 CSTWed 22:56 CST
CSN6900A321Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int'l ()Wed 21:08 CSTWed 22:50 CST
CCA106B738Hong Kong Int'l ()Wed 19:41 HKTWed 22:45 CST
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