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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Southwest SWA152 B737 Scheduled (in 23 hours 23 minutes) Sun 21:30 CDT 22:30 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA50 B735 Scheduled (in 21 hours 53 minutes) Sun 20:00 CDT 21:00 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA227 B735 Scheduled (in 20 hours 43 minutes) Sun 18:50 CDT 19:50 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA100 B737 Scheduled (in 18 hours 58 minutes) Sun 17:05 CDT 18:05 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA34 B735 Scheduled (in 17 hours 58 minutes) Sun 16:05 CDT 17:05 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA820 B737 Scheduled (in 16 hours 13 minutes) Sun 14:20 CDT 15:20 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA24 B737 Scheduled (in 15 hours 23 minutes) Sun 13:30 CDT 14:30 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA2494 B733 Scheduled (in 14 hours 33 minutes) Sun 12:40 CDT 13:45 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA3178 B737 Scheduled (in 12 hours 53 minutes) Sun 11:00 CDT 12:00 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA3569 B737 Scheduled (in 11 hours 23 minutes) Sun 09:30 CDT 10:30 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA2966 B737 Scheduled (in 9 hours 3 minutes) Sun 07:10 CDT 08:10 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA4170 B733 Arrived Sat 19:10 CDT 20:05 CDT Sat
ANDERSON MICHAEL S N326MA C56X Arrived Sat 16:30 CDT 17:37 CDT Sat
Southwest SWA4080 B737 Arrived Sat 15:55 CDT 16:55 CDT Sat
Southwest SWA1864 B737 Arrived Sat 14:30 CDT 15:30 CDT Sat
Southwest SWA4813 B735 Arrived Sat 13:15 CDT 14:15 CDT Sat
Southwest SWA4285 B737 Arrived Sat 11:00 CDT 12:00 CDT Sat
DS AVIATION INC N514DS C525 Arrived Sat 09:00 CDT 09:57 CDT Sat
Southwest SWA1295 B737 Arrived Sat 08:30 CDT 09:30 CDT Sat
Southwest SWA152 B737 Arrived Fri 21:30 CDT 22:30 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA50 B735 Arrived Fri 20:00 CDT 21:00 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA227 B735 Arrived Fri 18:50 CDT 19:50 CDT Fri
Jet Linx Aviation L JTL909 C56X Arrived Fri 17:45 CDT 19:05 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA100 B737 Arrived Fri 17:05 CDT 18:05 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA34 B735 Arrived Fri 16:05 CDT 17:05 CDT Fri
DD AVIATION LLC N7717B C650 Arrived Fri 16:00 CDT 16:59 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA266 B737 Arrived Fri 14:20 CDT 15:20 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA24 B737 Arrived Fri 13:30 CDT 14:30 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA2231 B733 Arrived Fri 12:40 CDT 13:45 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA1959 B737 Arrived Fri 10:50 CDT 11:50 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA3569 B737 Arrived Fri 09:30 CDT 10:30 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA1442 B737 Arrived Fri 08:10 CDT 09:10 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA1878 B733 Arrived Fri 07:00 CDT 08:00 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA324 B737 Arrived Fri 06:00 CDT 07:00 CDT Fri
Southwest SWA152 B737 Arrived Thu 21:30 CDT 22:30 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA50 B735 Arrived Thu 20:00 CDT 21:00 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA227 B735 Arrived Thu 18:50 CDT 19:50 CDT Thu
RAIL TRANSLOADING R N100HL H25B Arrived Thu 18:45 CDT 20:20 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA100 B737 Arrived Thu 17:05 CDT 18:05 CDT Thu
EXECUTIVE BUSINESS N550PF C550 Arrived Thu 16:30 CDT 17:40 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA34 B735 Arrived Thu 16:05 CDT 17:05 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA266 B737 Arrived Thu 14:20 CDT 15:20 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA24 B737 Arrived Thu 13:30 CDT 14:30 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA2231 B733 Arrived Thu 12:40 CDT 13:45 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA1959 B737 Arrived Thu 10:50 CDT 11:50 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA3569 B737 Arrived Thu 09:30 CDT 10:30 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA1442 B737 Arrived Thu 08:10 CDT 09:10 CDT Thu
KFD AVIATION LLC N110CX C750 Arrived Thu 07:00 CDT 08:26 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA1878 B733 Arrived Thu 07:00 CDT 08:00 CDT Thu
Southwest SWA324 B737 Arrived Thu 06:00 CDT 07:00 CDT Thu
Netjets Aviation &q EJA761 GALX Arrived Thu 05:30 CDT 07:50 CDT Thu
Executive AirShare XSR285 B350 Arrived Wed 19:30 CDT 21:25 CDT Wed
Southwest SWA266 B737 Arrived Wed 14:20 CDT 15:20 CDT Wed
Southwest SWA2231 B733 Arrived Wed 12:40 CDT 13:45 CDT Wed
SCHMIDT AERO LLC N888WS E50P Arrived Wed 12:00 CDT 15:49 CDT Wed
Southwest SWA1959 B737 Arrived Wed 10:50 CDT 11:50 CDT Wed
JPS AERO LLC N205BK BE20 Arrived Wed 09:00 CDT 10:11 CDT Wed
Grace Flight " GRC9B M20T Arrived Wed 08:30 CDT 11:05 CDT Wed
Southwest SWA1442 B737 Arrived Wed 08:10 CDT 09:10 CDT Wed
Southwest SWA1878 B733 Arrived Wed 07:00 CDT 08:00 CDT Wed
Southwest SWA324 B737 Arrived Wed 06:00 CDT 07:00 CDT Wed
Executive AirShare XSR285 B350 Arrived Tue 18:15 CDT 19:39 CDT Tue
JetSuite Air " RSP415 E50P Arrived Tue 15:15 CDT 16:41 CDT Tue
TCN TRANSPORT LLC N400TC BE40 Arrived Tue 09:15 CDT 11:06 CDT Tue
JetSuite Air " RSP587 E50P Arrived Tue 06:45 CDT 08:16 CDT Tue
N6794D LLC N6794D C421 Arrived Mon 16:30 CDT 17:59 CDT Mon
DARIAL PROPERTIES L N7277G BE58 Arrived Mon 14:30 CDT 16:11 CDT Mon
Flexjet "FLEXJ LXJ538 CL30 Arrived Mon 12:30 CDT 14:05 CDT Mon
Netjets Aviation &q EJA110 GL5T Arrived Mon 12:00 CDT 12:38 CDT Mon
PICKENS RAY T N360EA BE20 Arrived Sun 21:45 CDT 23:10 CDT Sun
PHOENIX ASSOCIATES N6597L BE36 Arrived Sun 17:35 CDT 19:24 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA820 B737 Arrived Sun 14:20 CDT 15:20 CDT Sun
Flight Options &quo OPT328 E55P Arrived Sun 12:49 CDT 13:41 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA2494 B733 Arrived Sun 12:40 CDT 13:45 CDT Sun
GAR AIRCRAFT HOLDIN N74HR C501 Arrived Sun 11:00 CDT 12:23 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA3178 B737 Arrived Sun 11:00 CDT 12:00 CDT Sun
Southwest SWA2966 B737 Arrived Sun 07:10 CDT 08:10 CDT Sun