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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Southwest SWA2065 B737 Scheduled (in 23 hours 5 minutes) Mon 21:50 PST 23:55 MST Mon
Southwest SWA572 B733 Scheduled (in 22 hours 10 minutes) Mon 20:55 PST 23:00 MST Mon
US Airways AWE735 A320 Scheduled (in 21 hours) Mon 19:45 PST 21:50 MST Mon
Southwest SWA1225 B738 Scheduled (in 20 hours 15 minutes) Mon 19:00 PST 21:10 MST Mon
Southwest SWA3917 B737 Scheduled (in 19 hours 25 minutes) Mon 18:10 PST 20:25 MST Mon
Southwest SWA4279 B737 Scheduled (in 18 hours 40 minutes) Mon 17:25 PST 19:35 MST Mon
US Airways AWE2027 A321 Scheduled (in 17 hours 50 minutes) Mon 16:35 PST 18:46 MST Mon
Southwest SWA544 B738 Scheduled (in 17 hours 5 minutes) Mon 15:50 PST 18:00 MST Mon
Southwest SWA1070 B737 Scheduled (in 14 hours 35 minutes) Mon 13:20 PST 15:30 MST Mon
US Airways AWE1854 A321 Scheduled (in 13 hours 55 minutes) Mon 12:40 PST 14:49 MST Mon
US Airways AWE604 A320 Scheduled (in 13 hours) Mon 11:45 PST 13:53 MST Mon
Southwest SWA1988 B737 Scheduled (in 11 hours 55 minutes) Mon 10:40 PST 12:45 MST Mon
US Airways AWE471 A321 Scheduled (in 11 hours 15 minutes) Mon 10:00 PST 12:06 MST Mon
Southwest SWA159 B737 Scheduled (in 9 hours 50 minutes) Mon 08:35 PST 10:40 MST Mon
Southwest SWA1046 B737 Scheduled (in 8 hours 15 minutes) Mon 07:00 PST 09:05 MST Mon
US Airways AWE687 A320 Scheduled (in 7 hours 50 minutes) Mon 06:35 PST 08:45 MST Mon
Southwest SWA2418 B733 Scheduled (in 6 hours 35 minutes) Mon 05:20 PST 07:25 MST Mon
Southwest SWA4185 B737 On The Way! / On Time Sun 21:50 PST 23:55 MST Sun
Southwest SWA572 B733 Arrived Sun 20:55 PST 23:00 MST Sun
US Airways AWE735 A320 Arrived Sun 19:45 PST 21:50 MST Sun
Southwest SWA1225 B738 Arrived Sun 19:00 PST 21:10 MST Sun
Southwest SWA2218 B737 Arrived Sun 18:10 PST 20:25 MST Sun
Southwest SWA4279 B737 Arrived Sun 17:25 PST 19:35 MST Sun
US Airways AWE2027 A321 Arrived Sun 16:35 PST 18:46 MST Sun
Southwest SWA544 B738 Arrived Sun 15:50 PST 18:00 MST Sun
Southwest SWA4555 B737 Arrived Sun 13:20 PST 15:30 MST Sun
US Airways AWE1854 A321 Arrived Sun 12:40 PST 14:49 MST Sun
US Airways AWE597 A319 Arrived Sun 11:45 PST 13:53 MST Sun
Southwest SWA1742 B737 Arrived Sun 10:40 PST 12:45 MST Sun
US Airways AWE544 A321 Arrived Sun 10:00 PST 12:06 MST Sun
Southwest SWA2135 B737 Arrived Sun 09:30 PST 11:35 MST Sun
Southwest SWA1590 B733 Arrived Sun 08:00 PST 10:05 MST Sun
Southwest SWA2034 B738 Arrived Sun 07:15 PST 09:20 MST Sun
US Airways AWE595 A321 Arrived Sun 06:35 PST 08:45 MST Sun
US Airways AWE735 A320 Arrived Sat 19:45 PST 21:50 MST Sat
Southwest SWA3707 B737 Arrived Sat 18:55 PST 21:00 MST Sat
Southwest SWA3259 B733 Cancelled Sat 17:45 PST 20:55 MST Sat
Southwest SWA4231 B733 Arrived Sat 16:40 PST 18:50 MST Sat
US Airways AWE2027 A321 Arrived Sat 16:35 PST 18:46 MST Sat
Southwest SWA3603 B737 Arrived Sat 15:30 PST 17:40 MST Sat
Southwest SWA3515 B737 Arrived Sat 13:50 PST 16:00 MST Sat
US Airways AWE1854 A321 Arrived Sat 12:40 PST 14:49 MST Sat
Southwest SWA3690 B737 Arrived Sat 12:30 PST 14:40 MST Sat
US Airways AWE490 A320 Arrived Sat 11:45 PST 13:53 MST Sat
Southwest SWA2976 B737 Arrived Sat 10:25 PST 12:30 MST Sat
US Airways AWE745 A321 Arrived Sat 10:00 PST 12:06 MST Sat
WHEELS UP PARTNERS N808UP BE30 Arrived Sat 09:30 PST 11:49 MST Sat
Southwest SWA4159 B737 Arrived Sat 08:55 PST 11:00 MST Sat
Southwest SWA2644 B737 Arrived Sat 07:25 PST 09:30 MST Sat
US Airways AWE620 A321 Arrived Sat 06:35 PST 08:45 MST Sat
Southwest SWA2065 B737 Arrived Fri 21:50 PST 23:55 MST Fri
Southwest SWA572 B733 Arrived Fri 20:55 PST 23:00 MST Fri
Southwest SWA1225 B738 Arrived Fri 19:00 PST 21:10 MST Fri
Southwest SWA3917 B737 Arrived Fri 18:10 PST 20:25 MST Fri
Ameriflight AMF1067 BE99 Arrived Fri 17:28 PST 20:22 MST Fri
Southwest SWA4279 B737 Arrived Fri 17:25 PST 19:35 MST Fri
Southwest SWA544 B738 Arrived Fri 15:50 PST 18:00 MST Fri
Southwest SWA1070 B737 Arrived Fri 13:20 PST 15:30 MST Fri
US Airways AWE604 A320 Arrived Fri 11:45 PST 13:53 MST Fri
Southwest SWA1988 B737 Arrived Fri 10:40 PST 12:45 MST Fri
US Airways AWE471 A321 Arrived Fri 10:00 PST 12:06 MST Fri
Southwest SWA159 B737 Arrived Fri 08:35 PST 10:40 MST Fri
Southwest SWA1046 B737 Arrived Fri 07:00 PST 09:05 MST Fri
US Airways AWE687 A320 Arrived Fri 06:35 PST 08:45 MST Fri
Southwest SWA2418 B733 Arrived Fri 05:25 PST 07:30 MST Fri
Southwest SWA2065 B737 Arrived Thu 21:50 PST 23:55 MST Thu
Southwest SWA3917 B737 Arrived Thu 18:10 PST 20:25 MST Thu
Ameriflight AMF1067 SW4 Arrived Thu 17:28 PST 19:50 MST Thu
Southwest SWA1070 B737 Arrived Thu 13:20 PST 15:30 MST Thu
US Airways AWE604 A320 Arrived Thu 11:45 PST 13:53 MST Thu
Southwest SWA1988 B737 Arrived Thu 10:40 PST 12:45 MST Thu
US Airways AWE471 A321 Arrived Thu 10:00 PST 12:06 MST Thu
Southwest SWA159 B737 Arrived Thu 08:35 PST 10:40 MST Thu
Southwest SWA1046 B737 Arrived Thu 07:00 PST 09:05 MST Thu
US Airways AWE687 A320 Arrived Thu 06:35 PST 08:45 MST Thu
Southwest SWA2418 B733 Arrived Thu 05:25 PST 07:30 MST Thu
Ameriflight AMF1067 SW4 Arrived Wed 17:28 PST 19:46 MST Wed
BANC OF AMERICA LEA N525JJ C525 Arrived Wed 09:30 PST 12:31 MST Wed
JET-ALLIANCE/DAVID N508JA EA50 Arrived Wed 07:45 PST 09:51 MST Wed
SME STEEL CONTRACTO N525MN E50P Arrived Tue 19:15 PST 22:22 MST Tue
US Airways AWE450 A320 Arrived Tue 11:45 PST 13:53 MST Tue
SOUTHWEST GAS CORP N723SG C25B Arrived Tue 08:00 PST 10:15 MST Tue
SOUTHWEST GAS CORP N723SG C25B Arrived Mon 06:45 PST 09:13 MST Mon