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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
US Airways AWE1782 A319 Scheduled (in 17 hours 27 minutes) Sun 22:30 MST 22:30 PST Sun
US Airways AWE608 A320 Scheduled (in 16 hours 12 minutes) Sun 21:15 MST 21:25 PST Sun
Southwest SWA1070 B733 Scheduled (in 13 hours 17 minutes) Sun 18:20 MST 18:20 PST Sun
US Airways AWE636 A321 Scheduled (in 12 hours 47 minutes) Sun 17:50 MST 17:56 PST Sun
Southwest SWA2059 B733 Scheduled (in 12 hours 42 minutes) Sun 17:45 MST 17:50 PST Sun
Southwest SWA389 B737 Scheduled (in 10 hours 42 minutes) Sun 15:45 MST 15:45 PST Sun
US Airways AWE1826 A321 Scheduled (in 9 hours 56 minutes) Sun 14:59 MST 15:08 PST Sun
Southwest SWA119 B733 Scheduled (in 8 hours 32 minutes) Sun 13:35 MST 13:40 PST Sun
Southwest SWA931 B737 Scheduled (in 6 hours 52 minutes) Sun 11:55 MST 12:05 PST Sun
US Airways AWE1836 A321 Scheduled (in 6 hours 32 minutes) Sun 11:35 MST 11:51 PST Sun
US Airways AWE561 A321 Scheduled (in 6 hours 7 minutes) Sun 11:10 MST 11:24 PST Sun
Southwest SWA336 B733 Scheduled (in 4 hours 22 minutes) Sun 09:25 MST 09:30 PST Sun
US Airways AWE602 A321 Scheduled (in 3 hours 47 minutes) Sun 08:50 MST 09:03 PST Sun
NAVAJO NATION N740P BE20 Scheduled (in 3 hours 43 minutes) Sun 08:36 MST 08:46 PST Sun
Southwest SWA4145 B737 Delayed Sun 08:25 MST 07:35 PST Sun
Southwest SWA1544 B733 Delayed Sun 07:45 MST 06:55 PST Sun
US Airways AWE608 A321 Arrived Sat 21:15 MST 21:25 PST Sat
Southwest SWA2578 B733 Arrived Sat 19:35 MST 19:35 PST Sat
Southwest SWA3901 B733 Arrived Sat 18:10 MST 18:10 PST Sat
US Airways AWE636 A321 Arrived Sat 17:50 MST 17:56 PST Sat
Southwest SWA4096 B738 Arrived Sat 16:40 MST 16:55 PST Sat
NJI SALES INC N528QS GLF5 Arrived Sat 16:18 MST 16:54 PST Sat
Southwest SWA2721 B737 Arrived Sat 15:30 MST 15:35 PST Sat
Southwest SWA2721 B737 Arrived Sat 15:30 MST 15:35 PST Sat
US Airways AWE1826 A321 Arrived Sat 15:10 MST 15:18 PST Sat
Southwest SWA316 B737 Arrived Sat 15:00 MST 15:05 PST Sat
Southwest SWA3417 B738 Arrived Sat 12:35 MST 12:50 PST Sat
Southwest SWA3504 B737 Arrived Sat 11:35 MST 11:50 PST Sat
US Airways AWE1836 A321 Arrived Sat 11:35 MST 11:51 PST Sat
Southwest SWA4100 B735 Arrived Sat 09:05 MST 09:10 PST Sat
US Airways AWE602 A320 Arrived Sat 08:50 MST 09:03 PST Sat
Southwest SWA2560 B737 Arrived Sat 07:35 MST 07:35 PST Sat
Southwest SWA2560 B737 Arrived Sat 07:35 MST 07:35 PST Sat
United Parcel Servi UPS892 A306 Arrived Sat 06:50 MST 06:57 PST Sat
US Airways AWE608 A321 Arrived Fri 21:15 MST 21:25 PST Fri
Southwest SWA1113 B737 Arrived Fri 21:15 MST 21:15 PST Fri
Southwest SWA42 B733 Arrived Fri 20:10 MST 20:10 PST Fri
US Airways AWE572 A321 Arrived Fri 19:50 MST 20:00 PST Fri
Southwest SWA576 B737 Arrived Fri 18:20 MST 18:20 PST Fri
US Airways AWE636 A321 Arrived Fri 17:50 MST 17:56 PST Fri
Southwest SWA2059 B733 Arrived Fri 17:45 MST 17:50 PST Fri
Southwest SWA4626 B737 Arrived Fri 15:45 MST 15:45 PST Fri
Netjets Aviation &q EJA303 E55P Arrived Fri 15:30 MST 15:41 PST Fri
NJI SALES INC N450QS GLF4 Arrived Fri 15:06 MST 17:17 PST Fri
US Airways AWE1826 A321 Arrived Fri 14:59 MST 15:08 PST Fri
Netjets Aviation &q EJA699 C56X Arrived Fri 14:00 MST 14:12 PST Fri
Southwest SWA380 B733 Arrived Fri 13:35 MST 13:40 PST Fri
Jet Logistics " JLG111 BE20 Arrived Fri 13:15 MST 14:05 PST Fri
Southwest SWA866 B737 Arrived Fri 12:00 MST 12:10 PST Fri
US Airways AWE1836 A321 Arrived Fri 11:35 MST 11:51 PST Fri
US Airways AWE561 A321 Arrived Fri 11:10 MST 11:24 PST Fri
Southwest SWA675 B733 Arrived Fri 11:00 MST 11:10 PST Fri
Southwest SWA336 B733 Arrived Fri 09:25 MST 09:30 PST Fri
RED HAWK AVIATION L N322AD GALX Arrived Fri 09:15 MST 09:43 PST Fri
Netjets Aviation &q EJA382 C680 Arrived Fri 09:00 MST 08:58 PST Fri
US Airways AWE602 A321 Arrived Fri 08:50 MST 09:03 PST Fri
Ameriflight AMF1367 SW4 Arrived Fri 08:12 MST 09:32 PST Fri
Southwest SWA1931 B738 Arrived Fri 07:20 MST 07:30 PST Fri
Southwest SWA2251 B737 Arrived Fri 06:20 MST 06:25 PST Fri
Southwest SWA1113 B737 Arrived Thu 21:15 MST 21:15 PST Thu
Southwest SWA42 B733 Arrived Thu 20:10 MST 20:10 PST Thu
Southwest SWA576 B737 Arrived Thu 18:20 MST 18:20 PST Thu
Southwest SWA2059 B733 Arrived Thu 17:45 MST 17:50 PST Thu
Southwest SWA4626 B737 Arrived Thu 15:45 MST 15:45 PST Thu
Southwest SWA380 B733 Arrived Thu 13:35 MST 13:40 PST Thu
Southwest SWA866 B737 Arrived Thu 12:00 MST 12:10 PST Thu
US Airways AWE561 A321 Arrived Thu 11:10 MST 11:24 PST Thu
Southwest SWA675 B733 Arrived Thu 11:00 MST 11:10 PST Thu
Southwest SWA336 B733 Arrived Thu 09:25 MST 09:30 PST Thu
Ameriflight AMF1367 SW4 Arrived Thu 08:12 MST 08:17 PST Thu
Southwest SWA1931 B738 Arrived Thu 07:20 MST 07:30 PST Thu
Southwest SWA2251 B737 Arrived Thu 06:20 MST 06:25 PST Thu
Southwest SWA1113 B737 Arrived Wed 21:15 MST 21:15 PST Wed
Southwest SWA42 B733 Arrived Wed 20:10 MST 20:10 PST Wed
Southwest SWA9010 B733 Arrived Wed 18:20 MST 18:05 PST Wed
Southwest SWA576 B737 Arrived Wed 18:20 MST 18:20 PST Wed
WHEELS UP PARTNERS N805UP B350 Arrived Wed 18:00 MST 22:01 PST Wed
NJI SALES INC N528QS GLF5 Arrived Wed 16:45 MST 16:43 PST Wed
Southwest SWA4626 B737 Arrived Wed 15:45 MST 15:45 PST Wed
BANK OF UTAH TRUSTE N684AB C680 Arrived Wed 15:30 MST 14:11 PST Wed
WARNER COMMUNICATIO N76RP GLF5 Arrived Wed 14:00 MST 13:57 PST Wed
Southwest SWA380 B733 Arrived Wed 13:35 MST 13:40 PST Wed
Southwest SWA866 B737 Arrived Wed 12:00 MST 12:10 PST Wed
JetSuite Air " RSP712 E50P Arrived Wed 11:00 MST 11:02 PST Wed
Southwest SWA675 B733 Arrived Wed 11:00 MST 11:10 PST Wed
Ameriflight AMF1367 SW4 Arrived Wed 08:12 MST 08:56 PST Wed
Southwest SWA1931 B738 Arrived Wed 07:20 MST 07:30 PST Wed
Southwest SWA2251 B737 Arrived Wed 06:20 MST 06:25 PST Wed
LEILANI AVIATION HO N111GJ C550 Arrived Tue 19:08 MST 19:24 PST Tue
Netjets Aviation &q EJA325 E55P Arrived Sun 11:59 MST 10:38 PST Sun
Southwest SWA931 B737 Arrived Sun 11:55 MST 12:05 PST Sun
Southwest SWA4145 B737 Arrived Sun 08:25 MST 08:35 PST Sun