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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
United UAL1600 B752 Scheduled (in 23 hours 53 minutes) Thu 15:20 ESTEWR LAX18:38 PST Thu
Delta DAL417 B763 Scheduled (in 23 hours 48 minutes) Thu 15:15 ESTJFK LAX18:45 PST Thu
American Airlines AAL117 A321 Scheduled (in 23 hours 18 minutes) Thu 14:45 ESTJFK LAX18:15 PST Thu
United UAL1493 B739 Scheduled (in 23 hours 8 minutes) Thu 14:35 ESTEWR LAX17:55 PST Thu
United UAL841 757 Scheduled (in 23 hours 3 minutes) Thu 14:30 ESTJFK LAX17:53 PST Thu
United UAL1054 B752 Scheduled (in 21 hours 58 minutes) Thu 13:25 ESTEWR LAX16:40 PST Thu
Virgin America VRD165 A320 Scheduled (in 21 hours 33 minutes) Thu 13:00 ESTEWR LAX16:10 PST Thu
Virgin America VRD411 A320 Scheduled (in 21 hours 33 minutes) Thu 13:00 ESTJFK LAX16:20 PST Thu
American Airlines AAL3 A321 Scheduled (in 21 hours 3 minutes) Thu 12:30 ESTJFK LAX15:50 PST Thu
Delta DAL423 B752 Scheduled (in 20 hours 18 minutes) Thu 11:45 ESTJFK LAX15:05 PST Thu
Virgin America VRD409 A320 Scheduled (in 20 hours 3 minutes) Thu 11:30 ESTJFK LAX14:45 PST Thu
American Airlines AAL19 A321 Scheduled (in 19 hours 33 minutes) Thu 11:00 ESTJFK LAX14:20 PST Thu
American Airlines AAL255 A321 Scheduled (in 18 hours 33 minutes) Thu 10:00 ESTJFK LAX13:20 PST Thu
JetBlue JBU223 A320 Scheduled (in 18 hours 23 minutes) Thu 09:50 ESTJFK LAX13:08 PST Thu
Delta DAL422 B752 Scheduled (in 18 hours 3 minutes) Thu 09:30 ESTJFK LAX12:50 PST Thu
Virgin America VRD407 A320 Scheduled (in 17 hours 53 minutes) Thu 09:20 ESTJFK LAX12:45 PST Thu
Virgin America VRD161 A320 Scheduled (in 17 hours 38 minutes) Thu 09:05 ESTEWR LAX12:25 PST Thu
American Airlines AAL1 A321 Scheduled (in 17 hours 33 minutes) Thu 09:00 ESTJFK LAX12:30 PST Thu
United UAL1479 B738 Scheduled (in 17 hours 28 minutes) Thu 08:55 ESTEWR LAX12:16 PST Thu
United UAL443 757 Scheduled (in 17 hours 4 minutes) Thu 08:31 ESTJFK LAX11:49 PST Thu
Delta DAL472 B763 Scheduled (in 16 hours 48 minutes) Thu 08:15 ESTJFK LAX11:40 PST Thu
American Airlines AAL33 32B Scheduled (in 16 hours 33 minutes) Thu 08:00 ESTJFK LAX11:25 PST Thu
JetBlue JBU123 A320 Scheduled (in 16 hours 18 minutes) Thu 07:45 ESTJFK LAX11:01 PST Thu
Virgin America VRD399 A320 Scheduled (in 15 hours 33 minutes) Thu 07:00 ESTJFK LAX10:25 PST Thu
American Airlines AAL9 A321 Scheduled (in 15 hours 33 minutes) Thu 07:00 ESTJFK LAX10:20 PST Thu
United UAL1439 B739 Delayed Thu 06:30 ESTEWR LAX09:49 PST Thu
JetBlue JBU23 A320 Scheduled (in 15 hours 3 minutes) Thu 06:30 ESTJFK LAX09:40 PST Thu
United UAL441 757 Scheduled (in 14 hours 38 minutes) Thu 06:05 ESTJFK LAX09:25 PST Thu
American Airlines AAL171 32B Scheduled (in 14 hours 33 minutes) Thu 06:00 ESTJFK LAX09:15 PST Thu
JetBlue JBU623 A320 Scheduled (in 6 hours 13 minutes) Wed 21:40 ESTJFK LAX00:55 PST Thu
Delta DAL427 B763 Scheduled/Delayed Wed 21:00 ESTJFK LAX00:30 PST Thu
American Airlines AAL185 A321 Scheduled (in 5 hours 18 minutes) Wed 20:45 ESTJFK LAX00:10 PST Thu
United UAL1595 B739 Scheduled (in 5 hours 13 minutes) Wed 20:40 ESTEWR LAX00:03 PST Thu
Virgin America VRD415 A320 Scheduled/Delayed Wed 20:05 ESTJFK LAX23:30 PST Wed
United UAL445 B752 Scheduled/Delayed Wed 19:59 ESTJFK LAX23:17 PST Wed
United UAL1526 B739 Scheduled/Delayed Wed 19:06 ESTEWR LAX22:31 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL21 A321 Scheduled (in 3 hours 18 minutes) Wed 18:45 ESTJFK LAX22:10 PST Wed
JetBlue JBU523 A320 Scheduled (in 3 hours 8 minutes) Wed 18:35 ESTJFK LAX21:59 PST Wed
QantasLink QLK108 B744 Scheduled (in 3 hours 8 minutes) Wed 18:35 ESTJFK LAX21:40 PST Wed
Qantas QFA108 B744 Delayed Wed 18:35 ESTJFK LAX21:18 PST Wed
Delta DAL413 B763 Scheduled (in 2 hours 48 minutes) Wed 18:15 ESTJFK LAX21:45 PST Wed
United UAL1507 B733 Scheduled (in 2 hours 29 minutes) Wed 17:56 ESTEWR LAX21:20 PST Wed
United UAL535 B752 Scheduled (in 2 hours 26 minutes) Wed 17:53 ESTJFK LAX21:12 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL181 A321 Scheduled (in 2 hours 3 minutes) Wed 17:30 ESTJFK LAX20:55 PST Wed
Virgin America VRD169 A320 Scheduled (in 1 hours 58 minutes) Wed 17:25 ESTEWR LAX20:45 PST Wed
Virgin America VRD413 A320 Scheduled (in 1 hours 28 minutes) Wed 16:55 ESTJFK LAX20:25 PST Wed
United UAL1763 B739 Scheduled (in 1 hours 19 minutes) Wed 16:46 ESTEWR LAX19:58 PST Wed
Delta DAL477 B752 Scheduled (in 1 hours 18 minutes) Wed 16:45 ESTJFK LAX20:11 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL133 A321 Scheduled (in 1 hours 2 minutes) Wed 16:29 ESTJFK LAX19:59 PST Wed
JetBlue JBU423 A321 Scheduled (in 36 minutes) Wed 15:59 ESTJFK LAX19:24 PST Wed
United UAL1600 B752 Scheduled Wed 15:20 ESTEWR LAX18:38 PST Wed
FedEx FDX3013 A306 Delayed Wed 15:19 ESTEWR LAX18:18 PST Wed
Delta DAL417 B763 Scheduled (in 8 minutes) Wed 15:15 ESTJFK LAX18:45 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL117 A321 Delayed Wed 14:45 ESTJFK LAX18:15 PST Wed
United UAL215 A319 Cancelled Wed 14:35 ESTEWR LAX17:53 PST Wed
United UAL841 B752 Taxiing / Left Gate Wed 14:30 ESTJFK LAX17:53 PST Wed
United UAL1612 B752 On The Way! Wed 13:25 ESTEWR LAX16:40 PST Wed
Virgin America VRD165 A320 On The Way! Wed 13:00 ESTEWR LAX16:10 PST Wed
Virgin America VRD411 A320 On The Way! Wed 13:00 ESTJFK LAX16:20 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL3 A321 On The Way! / On Time Wed 12:30 ESTJFK LAX15:50 PST Wed
United UAL323 A319 On The Way! / On Time Wed 12:20 ESTEWR LAX15:34 PST Wed
Delta DAL423 B752 On The Way! / On Time Wed 11:45 ESTJFK LAX15:10 PST Wed
Virgin America VRD409 A320 On The Way! Wed 11:30 ESTJFK LAX14:45 PST Wed
United UAL703 B752 On The Way! / On Time Wed 11:30 ESTJFK LAX14:46 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL19 A321 On The Way! / On Time Wed 11:00 ESTJFK LAX14:20 PST Wed
United UAL1735 B738 On The Way! / On Time Wed 10:39 ESTEWR LAX14:02 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL255 A321 On The Way! / On Time Wed 10:00 ESTJFK LAX13:20 PST Wed
JetBlue JBU223 A321 On The Way! Wed 09:50 ESTJFK LAX13:08 PST Wed
Delta DAL422 B752 On The Way! / On Time Wed 09:30 ESTJFK LAX12:53 PST Wed
Virgin America VRD407 A320 Arrived Wed 09:20 ESTJFK LAX12:45 PST Wed
Virgin America VRD161 A320 On The Way! Wed 09:05 ESTEWR LAX12:25 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL1 A321 Arrived Wed 09:00 ESTJFK LAX12:30 PST Wed
United UAL1256 B738 On The Way! Wed 08:54 ESTEWR LAX12:15 PST Wed
United UAL443 B752 Arrived Wed 08:31 ESTJFK LAX11:49 PST Wed
Delta DAL472 B763 Arrived Wed 08:15 ESTJFK LAX11:40 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL33 A321 Arrived Wed 08:00 ESTJFK LAX11:25 PST Wed
JetBlue JBU123 A320 Arrived Wed 07:45 ESTJFK LAX11:01 PST Wed
United UAL1665 B752 Arrived Wed 07:20 ESTEWR LAX10:38 PST Wed
Virgin America VRD399 A320 Arrived Wed 07:00 ESTJFK LAX10:25 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL9 A321 Arrived Wed 07:00 ESTJFK LAX10:20 PST Wed
Delta DAL424 B763 Arrived Wed 07:00 ESTJFK LAX10:30 PST Wed
JetBlue JBU23 A320 Arrived Wed 06:30 ESTJFK LAX09:40 PST Wed
United UAL441 B752 Arrived Wed 06:05 ESTJFK LAX09:25 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL171 A321 Arrived Wed 06:00 ESTJFK LAX09:15 PST Wed
United UAL1439 B739 Arrived Wed 06:00 ESTEWR LAX09:19 PST Wed
FedEx FDX1026 B763 Arrived Wed 01:16 ESTEWR LAX04:24 PST Wed
JetBlue JBU623 A320 Arrived Tue 21:40 ESTJFK LAX00:55 PST Wed
Delta DAL427 B763 Arrived Tue 21:00 ESTJFK LAX00:30 PST Wed
American Airlines AAL185 A321 Arrived Tue 20:45 ESTJFK LAX00:10 PST Wed
United UAL1484 B739 Arrived Tue 20:28 ESTEWR LAX23:51 PST Tue
Virgin America VRD415 A320 Arrived Tue 20:05 ESTJFK LAX23:30 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL293 A321 Arrived Tue 20:00 ESTJFK LAX23:30 PST Tue
United UAL445 B752 Arrived Tue 19:59 ESTJFK LAX23:17 PST Tue
United UAL1526 B739 Arrived Tue 19:06 ESTEWR LAX22:31 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL21 A321 Arrived Tue 18:45 ESTJFK LAX22:10 PST Tue
Qantas QFA108 B744 Arrived Tue 18:35 ESTJFK LAX21:30 PST Tue
JetBlue JBU523 A320 Arrived Tue 18:35 ESTJFK LAX21:59 PST Tue
Delta DAL413 B763 Arrived Tue 18:15 ESTJFK LAX21:45 PST Tue
United UAL1165 B738 Arrived Tue 17:56 ESTEWR LAX21:20 PST Tue
United UAL535 B752 Arrived Tue 17:53 ESTJFK LAX21:12 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL181 A321 Arrived Tue 17:30 ESTJFK LAX20:55 PST Tue
Virgin America VRD169 A320 Arrived Tue 17:25 ESTEWR LAX20:45 PST Tue
Virgin America VRD413 A320 Arrived Tue 16:55 ESTJFK LAX20:25 PST Tue
United UAL1439 B739 Arrived Tue 16:46 ESTEWR LAX19:58 PST Tue
Delta DAL477 B752 Arrived Tue 16:45 ESTJFK LAX20:11 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL133 A321 Arrived Tue 16:29 ESTJFK LAX19:59 PST Tue
JetBlue JBU423 A320 Arrived Tue 15:59 ESTJFK LAX19:24 PST Tue
United UAL1600 B752 Arrived Tue 15:20 ESTEWR LAX18:38 PST Tue
FedEx FDX3013 A306 Arrived Tue 15:19 ESTEWR LAX18:59 PST Tue
Delta DAL417 B763 Arrived Tue 15:15 ESTJFK LAX18:45 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL117 A321 Arrived Tue 14:45 ESTJFK LAX18:15 PST Tue
United UAL324 A319 Arrived Tue 14:35 ESTEWR LAX17:53 PST Tue
United UAL841 B752 Arrived Tue 14:30 ESTJFK LAX17:53 PST Tue
United UAL1054 B752 Arrived Tue 13:25 ESTEWR LAX16:40 PST Tue
Virgin America VRD411 A320 Arrived Tue 13:00 ESTJFK LAX16:20 PST Tue
Virgin America VRD165 A320 Arrived Tue 13:00 ESTEWR LAX16:10 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL3 A321 Arrived Tue 12:30 ESTJFK LAX15:50 PST Tue
Delta DAL423 B752 Arrived Tue 11:45 ESTJFK LAX15:10 PST Tue
United UAL1735 B738 Arrived Tue 11:35 ESTEWR LAX14:51 PST Tue
Virgin America VRD409 A320 Arrived Tue 11:30 ESTJFK LAX14:45 PST Tue
United UAL703 B752 Arrived Tue 11:30 ESTJFK LAX14:46 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL19 A321 Arrived Tue 11:00 ESTJFK LAX14:20 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL255 A321 Arrived Tue 10:00 ESTJFK LAX13:20 PST Tue
JetBlue JBU223 A320 Arrived Tue 09:50 ESTJFK LAX13:08 PST Tue
Delta DAL422 B752 Arrived Tue 09:30 ESTJFK LAX12:53 PST Tue
Virgin America VRD407 A320 Arrived Tue 09:20 ESTJFK LAX12:45 PST Tue
Virgin America VRD161 A320 Arrived Tue 09:05 ESTEWR LAX12:25 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL1 A321 Arrived Tue 09:00 ESTJFK LAX12:30 PST Tue
United UAL1264 B738 Arrived Tue 08:54 ESTEWR LAX12:15 PST Tue
United UAL443 B752 Arrived Tue 08:31 ESTJFK LAX11:49 PST Tue
Delta DAL472 B763 Arrived Tue 08:15 ESTJFK LAX11:40 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL33 A321 Arrived Tue 08:00 ESTJFK LAX11:25 PST Tue
JetBlue JBU123 A320 Arrived Tue 07:45 ESTJFK LAX11:01 PST Tue
United UAL1665 B739 Arrived Tue 07:20 ESTEWR LAX10:38 PST Tue
Delta DAL424 B763 Arrived Tue 07:00 ESTJFK LAX10:30 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL9 A321 Arrived Tue 07:00 ESTJFK LAX10:20 PST Tue
Virgin America VRD399 A320 Arrived Tue 07:00 ESTJFK LAX10:25 PST Tue
JetBlue JBU23 A320 Arrived Tue 06:30 ESTJFK LAX09:40 PST Tue
United UAL441 B752 Arrived Tue 06:05 ESTJFK LAX09:25 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL171 A321 Arrived Tue 06:00 ESTJFK LAX09:15 PST Tue
FedEx FDX1026 B763 Arrived Tue 01:16 ESTEWR LAX04:23 PST Tue
WELLS FARGO BANK NO N267DW CL60 Arrived Mon 23:15 ESTJFK LAX03:03 PST Tue
JetBlue JBU623 A320 Arrived Mon 21:40 ESTJFK LAX00:55 PST Tue
Delta DAL427 B763 Arrived Mon 21:00 ESTJFK LAX00:30 PST Tue
American Airlines AAL185 A321 Arrived Mon 20:45 ESTJFK LAX00:10 PST Tue
United UAL3 B738 Arrived Mon 20:05 ESTEWR LAX23:28 PST Mon
Virgin America VRD415 A320 Arrived Mon 20:05 ESTJFK LAX23:30 PST Mon
United UAL445 B752 Arrived Mon 19:59 ESTJFK LAX23:17 PST Mon
United UAL1526 B739 Arrived Mon 19:06 ESTEWR LAX22:31 PST Mon
American Airlines AAL21 A321 Arrived Mon 18:45 ESTJFK LAX22:10 PST Mon
Qantas QFA108 B744 Arrived Mon 18:35 ESTJFK LAX21:12 PST Mon
JetBlue JBU523 A320 Arrived Mon 18:35 ESTJFK LAX21:59 PST Mon
Delta DAL413 B763 Arrived Mon 18:15 ESTJFK LAX21:45 PST Mon
United UAL1165 B738 Arrived Mon 17:56 ESTEWR LAX21:20 PST Mon
United UAL535 B752 Arrived Mon 17:53 ESTJFK LAX21:12 PST Mon
American Airlines AAL181 A321 Arrived Mon 17:30 ESTJFK LAX20:55 PST Mon
Virgin America VRD169 A320 Arrived Mon 17:25 ESTEWR LAX20:45 PST Mon
Virgin America VRD413 A320 Arrived Mon 16:55 ESTJFK LAX20:25 PST Mon
United UAL1507 B739 Arrived Mon 16:46 ESTEWR LAX19:58 PST Mon
Delta DAL477 B752 Arrived Mon 16:45 ESTJFK LAX20:11 PST Mon
American Airlines AAL133 A321 Arrived Mon 16:29 ESTJFK LAX19:59 PST Mon
JetBlue JBU423 A320 Arrived Mon 15:59 ESTJFK LAX19:24 PST Mon
United UAL1493 B739 Arrived Mon 14:29 ESTEWR LAX17:49 PST Mon
United UAL1054 B752 Arrived Mon 13:25 ESTEWR LAX16:40 PST Mon
United UAL1735 B738 Arrived Mon 11:35 ESTEWR LAX14:51 PST Mon
United UAL703 B752 Arrived Mon 11:30 ESTJFK LAX14:46 PST Mon
United UAL1576 B739 Arrived Mon 08:54 ESTEWR LAX12:15 PST Mon
American Airlines AAL33P A321 Arrived Mon 08:00 ESTJFK LAX11:06 PST Mon
United UAL1023 B739 Arrived Sun 20:28 ESTEWR LAX23:51 PST Sun
American Airlines AAL293 A321 Arrived Sun 20:00 ESTJFK LAX23:30 PST Sun
Business Jet Soluti BJS535 CL30 Arrived Sun 20:00 ESTHPN LAX23:20 PST Sun
United UAL1004 B738 Arrived Sun 18:00 ESTEWR LAX21:24 PST Sun
United UAL1507 B739 Arrived Sun 16:46 ESTEWR LAX19:58 PST Sun
United UAL1736 B738 Arrived Sun 08:54 ESTEWR LAX12:15 PST Sun
United UAL1665 B739 Arrived Sun 07:00 ESTEWR LAX10:18 PST Sun
American Airlines AAL293 A321 Arrived Sat 20:00 ESTJFK LAX23:30 PST Sat
FedEx FDX3013 MD11 Arrived Sat 14:30 ESTEWR LAX16:58 PST Sat
United UAL1199 B752 Arrived Sat 13:25 ESTEWR LAX16:40 PST Sat
United UAL215 A319 Arrived Sat 09:00 ESTEWR LAX12:19 PST Sat
United UAL323 A319 Arrived Sat 08:00 ESTEWR LAX11:16 PST Sat
United UAL1455 B739 Arrived Sat 07:20 ESTEWR LAX10:38 PST Sat
United UAL670 A320 Arrived Fri 20:25 ESTEWR LAX23:46 PST Fri
United UAL1165 B733 Arrived Fri 17:56 ESTEWR LAX21:20 PST Fri
United UAL1064 B739 Arrived Fri 16:46 ESTEWR LAX19:58 PST Fri
United UAL215 A320 Arrived Fri 14:35 ESTEWR LAX17:53 PST Fri
Sino Jet Management SJM88 GLF4 Arrived Fri 12:00 ESTTEB LAX14:41 PST Fri
United UAL323 A319 Arrived Fri 11:39 ESTEWR LAX14:53 PST Fri
United UAL1763 B733 Arrived Fri 08:54 ESTEWR LAX12:15 PST Fri
Delta DAL424 B763 Arrived Fri 07:00 ESTJFK LAX10:30 PST Fri
FedEx FDX1026 DC10 Arrived Fri 01:16 ESTEWR LAX04:28 PST Fri
United UAL1475 B739 Arrived Thu 20:35 ESTEWR LAX23:58 PST Thu
United UAL1455 B739 Arrived Thu 16:46 ESTEWR LAX19:58 PST Thu
United UAL228 A320 Arrived Thu 11:39 ESTEWR LAX14:53 PST Thu
United UAL8183 B738 Arrived Thu 08:54 ESTEWR LAX12:17 PST Thu
American Airlines AAL33P A321 Arrived Thu 08:00 ESTJFK LAX10:45 PST Thu
Sunset Aviation, LL TWY707 CL30 Arrived Thu 06:00 ESTHPN LAX08:51 PST Thu
United UAL1023 B739 Arrived Wed 20:28 ESTEWR LAX23:51 PST Wed
United UAL1199 B739 Arrived Wed 16:46 ESTEWR LAX19:58 PST Wed