FlightAware Releases Flight Alert Sharing

Tuesday, 19 July 2011 18:00
Last updated 6 years ago.
FlightAware is proud to announce our latest innovation in flight tracking -- flight alert sharing. Now, whenever you setup a flight alert, you can enter the email address of up to ten other people that you would like to receive receive your flight alert, too! Sharing a flight alert is the best way to let others know about flight details including schedule changes and, of course, a link to the live flight tracking on FlightAware.com.

You can share an alert with...

  • Friends and family when you're traveling
  • Passengers of flights you're operating
  • Business associates that need to track your flights
  • Friends that are traveling but don't yet know about FlightAware

How does it work?

Setting up a flight alert is easy. Simply click "My Alerts" in the upper corner of every page, or click "Alert Me" in the upper right of any flight tracking page. From there, you can confirm the specifics of your alert and enter email addresses of anyone you'd like the alert to go to.
FlightAware Flight Alerts


What kind of flight alerts can I share?
Flight alerts that you share will others work the same way as alerts that you setup for yourself, so notifications will be sent about flight plans, schedule changes, gate information (for airline flights), delays, departures, arrivals, as well as diverions/cancellations. Alerts to friends can only be set up for single-day alerts.

Can I share an alert with someone who doesn't have a FlightAware account?
Absolutely. Their email address will serve as their account, so they can edit alerts setup just like if they were a regular member. Of course, they have the option of joining FlightAware at any time and all their alerts will be transferred to their account.

How do I setup a flight alert?
You must be a registered member (it's free). Once logged in, either click the My Alerts, or click the "Alert Me" icon on any flight tracking page.

How many people can I share a flight alert with?
Ten, plus yourself. Need more? Contact us.

What happens if I share an alert to someone who has a FlightAware account, but I set it up with an email address not associated with their FlightAware account?

If they click a link from the emails they receive when you've created the alert, we'll give them the option of linking their new email address to their old account.

Can I still share my flights on Facebook and other methods when sharing alerts?

Yes, shared alerts are just an additional delivery method -- you can still use alerts the same way that you're used to.

What language are the flight alerts sent in?
The flight alert is sent in the recipient's language if they're a FlightAware member or the sender's language if the recipient is not a FlightAware member. If the recipient is not a member but prefers a different language, they can pick a new language in the drop-down at the top of every FlightAware page.

What if the recipient doesn't want the flight alert I setup?
When you setup a flight alert for someone else, they receive an email letting them know that you created an alert for them. At that point, they have the option to edit the alert (including disabling it) or to block future alerts from you. If multiple people block your alerts, you will be prevented from sharing flight alerts in the future.