FlightAware and TAC Air Partner in Marketing Endeavor

Wednesday, 10 March 2010 19:00
Last updated 7 years ago.
FlightAware and TAC Air Partner in Marketing Endeavor

FlightAware announced today that TAC Air has signed to use FlightAware’s FBO ToolBox at all 13 TAC Air airport locations as well as 25 other airport locations.

"FBO ToolBox has already become a crucial element in our customer service for our FBO chain," said David Edwards, Director of Marketing at TAC Air. "This program brings together pieces of the customer service and marketing puzzles that help us serve our current customers even better. FBO ToolBox also enables us to reach out to potential customers that need to know about what TAC Air offers."

Daniel Baker, CEO of FlightAware commented, "We are thrilled to have TAC Air as a partner in the launch of FBO ToolBox. TAC Air, being voted the #1 U.S. FBO chain by respectable aviation publications, is a top tier FBO operation, and their utilization of the product communicates to us even further that we have delivered a product to the FBO community that is incredibly powerful, yet very affordable."

About FBO ToolBox

Built in response to the overwhelming acceptance of FlightAware by the FBO industry, FBO ToolBox enhances the typical FlightAware tracking information with new data such as potential fuel uplift calculations and historical visit counters, augmented with AMSTAT information. The program assists busy FBO managers to be more focused in their marketing and customer service efforts.

About FlightAware

FlightAware (flightaware.com) is the largest flight tracking, flight data, and flight planning company in the world. FlightAware was the first company to offer free flight tracking services for both private and commercial aircraft in the United States. FlightAware provides flight tracking, flight data, and flight planning services to over two million people a month. FlightAware has offices in Houston and New York.


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