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Pilot urges prayers as 'technical issue' forces turnaround

An AirAsia X flight to Malaysia from Perth, Australia, was forced to turn back Sunday after the A330 aircraft began shaking due to what the airline called a "technical issue." (www.cnn.com) More...

Photos: The Commercial Planes of the 2017 Paris Air Show

Throughout the week, the Airways team has faithfully and dutifully brought you all of the big news from this year’s Paris Air Show. Having spent countless hours in meeting rooms and at our computers, we felt it’s time to take a step back and enjoy some eye candy! (airwaysmag.com) More...

Air Force May Replace "Doomsday" E-4, E-6 and "Air Force Two" C-32 with Single Type

Consolidating the E-4B NAOC and E-6B Mercury missions into one common aircraft while also sharing platform commonality with a C-32A replacement makes a ton of sense. (www.thedrive.com) More...