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Editorial: Air Canada, FAA hindered investigation of SFO near-miss

The FAA, which was responsible for having only one air controller working traffic in the tower at the time, took more than 24 hours to notify the NTSB. The delay allowed Air Canada to use the plane for three flights in which the cockpit recorder was taped over multiple times. (www.eastbaytimes.com) More...

Iran Selecting Financiers For 200 Jets: New Iran Air CEO

Iran is in the process of selecting financiers for the purchase of 200 new passenger aircraft from among many domestic and foreign companies which have submitted their proposals to Iran Air, the new CEO of the national airline Farzaneh Sharafbafi said Tuesday. (www.presstv.ir) More...

Fascinating timelapse video shows five-tonne Airbus jet engine being changed hours before take-off

Virgin Atlantic has released a timelapse video of its engineers replacing a five-tonne engine worth millions of pounds on one of its aircraft just hours before it flew across the Atlantic. (www.telegraph.co.uk) More...