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United Airlines pilot secretly captains his son’s redeployment flight back from Kuwait and surprises him as he boards

A clever father, who is a Washington D.C.-based pilot, pulled off the surprise of a lifetime on board one of his flights this month. When Capt Mario Lopes, a United Airlines pilot, learned his son was set to return from Kuwait on April 14, he jumped at the opportunity to pilot a military flight to Norfolk, Virginia that same day. Unsure if it was coincidence or fate, Lopes followed his intuition and was able to surprise his son, First Lt Mario Lopes who ended up being a passenger on the flight… (airlinenews.in) More...

Delta jet aborts takeoff as plane crosses runway

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after a Miami-bound Delta Air Lines flight aborted takeoff Wednesday to avoid another aircraft at Atlanta’s airport, the FAA said. The departing plane had to execute a “high-speed slowdown,” according to the airline. (www.airnewslive.net) More...

Capital Airlines flight attendant violently beaten at Changsha international airport

AirLive reported on a passenger attacking a flight attendant when his Beijing Capital Airlines flight from Changsha was cancelled due to weather. (cabincrewcenter.com) More...

American Airlines jet diverted to RDU due to broken windshield

An American Airlines jet diverted to RDU because of a broken cockpit windshield will call the Triangle home for a night. Late Friday night, American Airlines said it had a new plane and crew coming from New York to pick up 166 passengers. The Boeing 757 originated in Miami and was traveling to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York when the pilot radioed that the windshield was cracked. To be safe, he said, the plane should land as soon as possible. (aviationsquad.com) More...

Briton jailed after returning to collect suitcase of ecstasy pills from airport lost luggage

A British drug dealer has been sentenced to six years in jail and ordered to pay a €562,000 (£436,000) fine after admitting trying to smuggle a record 35,000 ecstasy tablets into Ibiza. Ian Francis Smith, 38, was arrested after going to the island airport to retrieve a lost suitcase. Thousands of tourists head to Ibiza every summer CREDIT: REX FEATURES Airport police discovered seven bags containing the drugs inside after asking him to open the case up. (www.airnewslive.net) More...


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