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Passenger doesn't switch his phone to flight mode - gets over $2000 fine

It is something every traveller is familiar with - turning off your phone when a plane is taking off or landing, or at least switching it to flight mode. But one British passenger found out the costly way of ignoring the crew's request. Aaron McWilliam was flying from Amsterdam to Exeter last December on a Flybe jet when he refused to switch his phone to airplane mode before take-off, reports the Daily Mail. (www.stuff.co.nz) More...

Terrifying moment a British Airways passenger spots a FIGHTER JET flying next to her window

This is the terrifying moment that a passenger travelling from Dubai to London spotted a fighter jet next to her window. Sabrina Fawaz was travelling with her husband on the British Airways flight BA108 on Saturday when the plane temporarily lost communications with air traffic control as it entered Hungarian air space causing two Hungarian Air Force Gripens to be scrambled. (www.dailymail.co.uk) More...

British Airways Flies First A380 Service to Vancouver

British Airways began flying its new Airbus A380 aircraft between London Heathrow and Vancouver International Airport. This marks the first A380 for the city of Vancouver and the only scheduled A380 service in western Canada... (www.theaviationnews.com) More...

The A380 superjumbo that flew almost empty

I thought the days of chancing a half-empty international flight were grounded for good once computers replaced humans in making sure aeroplane seats were filled. But the gods who look after economy passengers smiled down on us on Wednesday last week when Qantas flight QF93 developed a bit of tummy trouble, putting its 9.30am departure from Melbourne to Los Angeles back to 7.30 that night. (www.airnewslive.net) More...

Couple confuses two different cities with same name and loses $2300

Midlands couple arrive at airport for dream holiday to Las Vegas only to discover they had booked from Birmingham in ALABAMA (theaviationweek.net) More...

Twin-tailed Airbus Zephyr completes maiden flight

Airbus Defence & Space has carried out the maiden flight of a larger twin-tailed variant of its Zephyr high-altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS). The Zephyr T has four times the payload capacity of the current Zephyr 8 at 20kg (44lb), and has been developed as a result of customer requirements for the HAPS to be able to carry a radar. Three flight tests have been carried out since the first one in January. (aviationsquad.com) More...

Briton jailed after returning to collect suitcase of ecstasy pills from airport lost luggage

A British drug dealer has been sentenced to six years in jail and ordered to pay a €562,000 (£436,000) fine after admitting trying to smuggle a record 35,000 ecstasy tablets into Ibiza. Ian Francis Smith, 38, was arrested after going to the island airport to retrieve a lost suitcase. Thousands of tourists head to Ibiza every summer CREDIT: REX FEATURES Airport police discovered seven bags containing the drugs inside after asking him to open the case up. (www.airnewslive.net) More...


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