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Squawks & HeadlinesTSA Screener Admits $1B Nude Body Scanners Worthless

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TSA Screener Admits $1B Nude Body Scanners Worthless

Interesting video of an interview with a TSA employee slamming the body scanners. (tsaoutofourpants.wordpress.com) More...

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[This poster has been suspended.]

"Sanity out of DC" is an oxymoron.
pilot0987 5
I bet when they find out who said this they are going to get an ass beating.
Toby Sharp 2
.........but then again, this is also coming from a TSA Screener.....who are also "worthless"
richard weiss 1
Going face to face, as Jennifer did, with a government agency as powerful as the TSA took courage. Hats off to her please. It's disapointing to hear a congressman basically through Jennifer under the train, rather than protect her. That congressman should be exposed as a weak knee'd jerk, more interested in keeping his job than doing it.