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Service Guest User Registered Member Premium
 Cost Free Free Explore
 Unlimited Live Flight Status And Tracking Yes Yes Yes
 Interactive Maps with Weather Yes Yes Yes + Premium Weather
 Airport Info, Airport Diagrams, Fuel Prices, IFR Procedures Yes Yes Yes
 Historical Flight Data 14 days 4 months Explore
 Auto-refresh and update on tracking pages - Yes Yes
 Flights Per Page (On Multi-Flight Views) 20 40 Explore
 Time Zone and Locality Display Preferences - Yes Yes
 My FlightAware: My Aircraft/My Airports - Yes: 5/3 Explore
 Flight Status Alerts (e-mail, text, mobile apps) - Yes Yes
 Flight Crew Groups/Community - Yes Yes
 Photo Uploads and Storage - Yes/Unlimited Yes/Unlimited
 Aviation News & Photo email newsletter - Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
 Posting Access To Public Discussions - Yes Yes
 Unpublished "Member Since Date" Benefits - Yes Yes
 Kitchen Sink - - Explore


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