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Cancelled Departures: Tegel Int'l Airport (Berlin) [EDDT]
DLH2213A321Munich Int'l ()Mon 20:25 CET
DLH2725A320Munich Int'l ()Mon 19:20 CET
DLH2047A320Munich Int'l ()Mon 19:00 CET
DLH2037A321Munich Int'l ()Mon 13:00 CET
DLH2195A321Munich Int'l ()Mon 10:30 CET
LGL9472DH8DLuxembourg Int'l ()Mon 09:10 CET
BAW995A320London Heathrow ()Sun 17:40 CET
LGW9057DH8DDusseldorf Int'l ()Fri 07:55 CET
SWR963A319Zurich (Kloten) ()Fri 06:45 CET
DLH2711A320Munich Int'l ()Thu 21:40 CET
DLH2051A321Munich Int'l ()Thu 21:00 CET
DLH2213A320Munich Int'l ()Thu 20:25 CET
LGW8006A320Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Thu 18:55 CET
KLM1826B738Amsterdam Schiphol ()Thu 14:35 CET
GWI51A319Cologne Bonn ()Thu 14:00 CET
EWG9047A320Dusseldorf Int'l ()Thu 12:45 CET
KLM1824B738Amsterdam Schiphol ()Thu 11:55 CET
DLH2195A321Munich Int'l ()Thu 10:30 CET
LGW8026DH8DDusseldorf Int'l ()Thu 10:10 CET
KLM1822B739Amsterdam Schiphol ()Thu 10:10 CET
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