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    Arrivals: Flugplatz Schwabach Airport [EDPH]

    D-EADINear NurembergFri 13:07 CETresult unknown (?)
    D-EFYNNear NurembergFri 12:54 CETresult unknown (?)
    D-ECHGNear NurembergWed 10:55 CETresult unknown (?)
    D-EADIFlugplatz Schwabach ()Wed 16:05 CET16:30 CET (?)
    D-EADINear NurembergWed 14:29 CETWed 15:35 CET
    D-EFMZFlugplatz Schwabach ()Wed 14:30 CET15:57 CET (?)
    D-EFYNNear NurembergWed 13:41 CETresult unknown (?)
    D-MSAVFlugplatz Schwabach ()Wed 10:49 CET11:40 CET (?)
    D-MSAVFlugplatz Schwabach ()Wed 09:57 CET10:21 CET (?)
    D-MSAVFlugplatz Schwabach ()Tue 15:31 CET16:11 CET (?)
    D-EFMZFlugplatz Schwabach ()Tue 14:37 CET15:52 CET (?)
    D-EADINear NurembergTue 14:24 CETresult unknown (?)
    D-MSAVVysoke Myto ()Tue 13:35 CET15:06 CET (?)
    D-EZAANear NurembergTue 12:55 CETresult unknown (?)
    D-EZAAFlugplatz Schwabach ()Sat 16:15 CET16:46 CET (?)
    D-EHFZNear NurembergSat 13:53 CETresult unknown (?)
    D-EFYNNear NurembergSat 13:17 CETresult unknown (?)
    D-ETMCNear NurembergSat 12:43 CETresult unknown (?)
    D-EADINear NurembergSat 11:11 CETresult unknown (?)
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