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Cancelled Departures: Islamabad Int'l/Chaklala Airbase Airport (Islamabad) [OPRN]
FCL201A320Jinnah Int'l ()Wed 10:30 PKT
PIA451A320Skardu ()Wed 10:30 PKT
FCL230A321Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Tue 21:50 PKT
FCL205A321Jinnah Int'l ()Tue 19:00 PKT
PIA451A320Skardu ()Tue 12:00 PKT
SAI124A320Jinnah Int'l ()Mon 15:00 PKT
SAI124A320Jinnah Int'l ()Sun 15:00 PKT
SAI778A320Seeb Int'l ()Sun 07:00 PKT
SAI551A320Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Sat 23:05 PKT
SAI124A320Jinnah Int'l ()Sat 15:00 PKT
SAI151A320Quetta Int'l ()Sat 08:30 PKT
SAI221A320Dubai Int'l ()Fri 22:20 PKT
FCL210A321Dubai Int'l ()Fri 11:40 PKT
FCL212A321Sharjah Int'l ()Fri 10:50 PKT
FCL205A321Jinnah Int'l ()Thu 19:00 PKT
PIA681AT43Multan Int'l ()Mon 15:20 PKT
PIA589AT72Bahawalpur ()Mon 14:30 PKT
PIA249AT43Kabul Int'l ()Mon 10:45 PKT
SVA889777King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Mon 00:45 PKT
FCL201A321Jinnah Int'l ()Sun 10:30 PKT
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