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En Route/Scheduled to PHMK Molokai Airport (Kaunakakai, HI) [PHMK]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
MYD228Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 12:00 HSTFri 12:31 HST
MYD212Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 12:20 HSTFri 12:51 HST
MYD740Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 13:55 HSTFri 14:26 HST
MYD211Kahului ()Fri 14:05 HSTFri 14:30 HST
MYD403Kahului ()Fri 14:40 HSTFri 15:05 HST
MHO218C208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 15:30 HSTFri 15:34 HSTFri 15:55 HST
MYD218Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 15:30 HSTFri 16:01 HST
MYD739Kahului ()Fri 15:50 HSTFri 16:15 HST
MHO739C208Kahului ()Fri 15:50 HSTFri 16:17 HST
CPT364C208Lanai ()Fri 16:15 HSTFri 16:29 HST
MHO220C208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 17:00 HSTFri 17:29 HST
MYD220Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 17:00 HSTFri 17:33 HST
MYD715CNAKapalua ()Fri 17:25 HSTFri 17:45 HST
MHO715C208Kapalua ()Fri 17:25 HSTFri 17:48 HST
MHO222C208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 17:40 HSTFri 18:10 HST
MYD222Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 17:40 HSTFri 18:11 HST
MYD743Kahului ()Fri 17:55 HSTFri 18:20 HST
MHO743C208Kahului ()Fri 17:55 HSTFri 18:21 HST
MHO216C208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 18:10 HSTFri 18:35 HST
MYD216Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 18:10 HSTFri 18:41 HST
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