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Beechcraft Super King Air 350 — - Off 16L.
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Beechcraft Super King Air 350 —


Off 16L.


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Viv Pike
Great shot. Welcome back, Gary.
Dave Sheehy
GSR = Gary Schenauer Returns! :)
C.W. Reed
Excellent shot of TMC's sister ship! Thanks Gary!:-)

Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Viv, Dave, and Hundo .... Howdy to all of you and TYVM for the comments/complis. Viv and Dave ..... A special Thanks to both of you and also to Alien and my young friend Dean (aka "Joan") for your concern and friendship during my prolonged absence. Each of you should have received an e/m within the past 30 hours or so. I'm back in action a full six weeks earlier than the Dr told me I would be. Both the Doc and the home care P/T therapist are truly stunned but they have both given the green light -- I can drive a car again, I can carry my photo equipment bag again, and I can do almost everything I could do two months ago (except I am still prohibited from climbing up mountains or even ladders and I am still required to use a cane at all times). But the bone that was snapped cleanly in two just 6 weeks ago is healing together perfectly and the metal rod has done its job - I'm already able to walk over a mile and Doc says with a bit more patience and a lot more common sense I'll be good as new by New Years Day. Once again, TYVM to each of you. (Wave)
Based on what I just read is there an FA member who uses the name JOAN as in JOAN WILLIAMS and is a guy named DEAN? At least that is what I interrupted from this last comment. Is there another Joan?????

Rich (real name)
Joan Williams
Long story short. I am Dean. Not Joan.
Viv Pike
Gary, you're welcome. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Us old dogs were made tough back in the day.
Joan Williams
My mom's name is Joan. I am Dean. My mom insisted her name be on the account. I still take every single photo. I am 11 yrs old. ( that's why Gman said my young friend).

That's fine with me Dean. Keep up the good work as it is a hobby you can take into adulthood (which a lot of members figured you were anyway).
C.W. Reed
To Dean:

I would never have guessed you were 11 years old. You have natural talent & take excellent photos! Keep up the great work there!

"Hoosier Hundo"
Greg Byington
Nice pic, Gary! And howdy to all! I'm still checking out all the pics that are posted as best I can, but I have been pretty busy lately. Glad to hear you are on the mend, Gary. I can relate since I have a rod in my leg, as well. But I got mine with the help of a drunk driver who t-boned me while I was on my Harley. Anyway, hang in there and keep the great pics coming! Oh, and Joan/Dean you're doing all right. You have some pretty nice shots in your gallery. Keep up the good work!
Michael Wulfsohn
Nice pic, Gary! Dean, how did you obtain a driver's license at age 12? Haha! Pretty good writing, grammar and expression for an adolescent! I'd guess the 1st digit of your real age is a "3" or higher?
jim garrity
Glad your getting better, nice shot!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
TY, Jim. Much appreciated. (Wave) Michael ... Thanks. (Wave) Greg and Viv ... The walker AND the cane are now officially "retired" from use. Doc has given the "all clear." He was very impressed; only took me nine weeks to heal it up and get back to two-leg status. I was doing a ton of exercise daily; was even walking a mile (WITH a walker) in the first 3 weeks. Doc says the titanium stick stays in permanently but I don't have to worry about going thru the TSA machine -- all I have to do is tell them there's a rod and they will see it when I pass thru. Might get "pulled over' for a wand and a frisk but other than that there should be no problem. I hiked over 3 miles yesterday and I'm going to do the climb up Rattlesnake Mtn (near RNO) within the next 10 days. Doc said OK but insists I not do it solo (AND that I use the cane) because it is quite steep in places and the footing is loose rocks. Feels great to be 100% back in unrestricted action! (Both Thumbs Up)
Greg Byington
Glad to hear you're doing well, Gary! Yeah, the rod in my leg does not usually present a problem at the airport. In fact, it rarely, if ever, trips the metal detector. I normally only mention it if they ask. Then they use the wand. It isn't much of an issue. Keep up the good work and take care going up the Rattlesnake! ;-)


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