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Woman walks into turning propeller.

Title speaks for itself. Sad article. ( More...

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Lesson Learned
Dan Betts 0
Sadly, the first thing I thought of when reading the title was Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc.
plt340 0
What was the intructor doing ?
ppick 0
My two rules when i am on the ramp: #1 DONT walk near spinning propellers and #2 Dont walk into spinning propellers.
generally good rules to follow
Jawad Sultan 0
I'm intrigued as to why, when she was in the left seat, she got out of the airplane without shutting down?
travis fisher 0
Strong Lesson to learn, I am upset with the instructor not shutting down the plane. sounds like she was going to the restroom and would return for more flying? She is lucky to be alive!!!


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