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Boeing nears 787 GEnx and 330min ETOPS certification

Boeing is days away from being granted General Electric GEnx-1B engine-airframe certification for its 787, a milestone expected to be paired with 330min extended operations (ETOPS) approval, says the programme's top engineer. ( More...

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panam1971 7
ETOPS= Engines Turning Or Passengers Swimming.
preacher1 2
Tom Spann 1
what does the 330min mean?
Ricky Scott 2
It means the A/C can fly fro 330 minutes on a single engine to a diversionary airport and land safely including if needed a go around. Many of the routes the 787 is designed for are over water for long periods of time and the 330 minutes gives airlines greater flexability in flight planning with ETOPS certifications. There is more than just engines envolved though.

with 180 on twins it means you have to go more northern routes if going pacific or island hop. With 330 there is a ton more routes to fly more direct.
preacher1 1
On the serious side, it is supposed to be one engine fly time to a diversion airport but I was thinking 180 minutes myself. Hadn't heard much about that time length. Not having messed with it in a few years, I'm going to have to do some catch up myself.
TheGDCaptain 2
It's all out there, Wayne. There's just enough information about ETOPS to continue spoofing your imaginary airline adventures- but not enough to prevent you from posting glaring holes in your accounts of the same. On behalf of several qualified, current, and REAL airline captains, thanks for your entertaining fiction. Have a good one, Transco Preacher!


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