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Hit the Brakes

Have you ever advanced the power, gathered momentum on the runway and pulled back on the yoke or stick at the appropriate airspeed – only to be greeted by a shaking in the controls as you lift off that makes your mind start thinking about pre-stall buffets, your uncomfortably high angle of attack and proximity to the trees? ( More...

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Toby Sharp 3
My dad asked me years ago "how long do you think the tires continue to roll after you rotate?" for some reason this stuck in my mind and after every rotation i tap the breaks
Tyson Bowers 1
I wonder if they know that this "procedure" is prohibited on a number of aircraft?
Terry Gaus 2
Any chance you could identify the specific aircraft for which this procedure is prohibited?
zennermd 1
I would not advise this in the winter. It is very possible that water could get between the brakes and freeze then shut. A company I used to work for landed on a snow covered runway and when they took off and landed at their destination they almost ran off the runway because a brake froze. It also left a flat spot on the tire which made the plane vibrate while taxiing.
richard weiss 1
I can't think of a Boeing aircraft that recommends tapping the brakes before putting them in the wheel wells. If fact, it is not allowed on all models of the 737 that I've operated.
Scott Keller 1
Timing on this is hilarious... Just started working on my commercial LAST WEEK and my instructor mentioned this. After a few hundred hours (not thousands like you big guys) of retract time, it was the first anyone had ever mentioned it or that I had even thought about it. So now I'm a positive rate, gear up, tap it, flaps up kinda guy. Thanks for posting...

I'd like to know more about the downside to this. What's the thought process on the 'prohibition', I wonder? You either have a positive rate of climb or you don't. If not, shouldn't be going gear up anyway. Can't really imagine why tapping the breaks would be prohibited.
Did my first Sim flight in a 737-400 (actual cockpit) and was told I was a natural after completing an unassisted landing at Auckland Airport.Take off was also trouble free and that was despite a fairly steep angle of attack. Shame I am too old to take a commercial license !!!


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